BB57 – The Mountain or a Molehill

BB 57 – I am going to paraphrase the topic of the latest blog banter.  What can be done to help people who don’t know how to fit their ships, and do veteran players have a responsibility to help them?

There’s a scene in the fourth series of Game of Thrones where Cersei Lannister approaches Gregor Clegane (otherwise known as The Mountain) while he is having some outdoor sparing practice. In this series the character is played by the huge Icelandic strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. The practice involves a guard thrusting a weapon into the hand of a slave and pushing them towards obvious and inevitable death. None put up a fight of note and The Mountain duly kills them.

When I watched the scene I immediately thought of EVE Online, and the tendency for people to post links to Killmails of poorly fitted ships. They are unremarkable kills that required little skill, little risk, and have a hapless victim.  Yet here are the posts – look, look, look at me – here’s an easy kill of someone who hasn’t played the game for long – let me crow and strut and announce to all and sundry my superiority.

The problem is not the poor fit – that is something most people will learn from one way or the other. The problem is the reaction to it.

So what can veteran players do? Well, it seems simple. They can keep their killmail links to themselves. Just send an EVEMail to the pilot saying you noticed their fit was less than optimum, and that if they would like some pointers to some better fits, just ask.

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