A quick question for those who read this blog via RSS feed..

As per the subject line, a quick question for those who read this blog via RSS feed…

I follow 50+ odd blogs, mostly about EVE.  Those on WordPress I get e-mails for when they post something new, and for the rest I keep track of new posts via RSSOwl.

I also follow my own blog on RSSOwl – as a form of backup.  It is the only WordPress blog I follow that way.

I’ve noticed once a week or more that RSSOwl will think all my posts are new and download the last 10 of them again.  This happens outside of when I actually write new posts.  Sometimes it might happen a couple of times in a day. Does anyone else have this issue?  Is it something specific with my Blog, or a general thing with WordPress RSS?


** Edit – Thanks for the feedback.  After some additional Google searches it doesn’t look like it is anything I am able to change or fix.  It seems to be the way WP does it RSS, conflicting with the way some readers work.  Bugs me a bit though – don’t like the unprofessional image it portrays.


9 thoughts on “A quick question for those who read this blog via RSS feed..

  1. I’ve occasionally noticed the same behavior on Feedspot. I’ve chalked it up to a WordPress.com issue, as they seem to want to have their own way of doing feeds. I don’t think it’s just your blog.

  2. I have seen this happen with my feed with certain RSS readers. With Feedly it never seems to occur, but on other readers it comes up now and again. I suspect there is some mismatch between what WordPress does and what certain RSS readers are expecting. You’ll note that the time stamp on the posts suddenly flagged again as new are still correct, it is just as though something happened to flush the post cache so that the active post list appears live again. I get a complaint about it once in a while, but I explain that there isn’t much I can do about it, aside from offering an alternative feed through Feedburner. (And that has some other problems, so there is no winning.)

  3. I haven’t seen it happen on this site, but several of the Joystiq sites do that regularly. It tends to happen more in Yoleo reader. I’ve never noticed it happen with any WordPress sites.

  4. I use FeeddlerRSS combined with The Old Reader and don’t have the problems you mention.

    P.S. Love your blog – your play style is similar to mine so I like to hear about what works for you. Keep it up.

  5. I use microsoft outlook to keep track of my RSS feeds and thought it was an outlook issue. Some blogs just kept giving me duplicate posts once or twice a day when it checked for updates.
    Removing blogs and adding them back to the list a few days later might have fixed this (or not), but I haven’t had these problems for the last week.

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