Run for the docks

I was logged in on one of my alts and noticed the chatter in local between two pilots with an active war. One was docked, and the other was outside the station trying to goad them into undocking.

There have been many times in my EVE career where my Corporation or Alliance has ordered its pilots to dock up and starve aggressive pilots of their fun. It is a valid tactic – and I’ve certainly left my pilots cloaked or docked in system and walked away for hours, just to waste the time of people who have been hunting me.

There is just one small, niggling issue with this tactic. You don’t do it if you feel you can reliably beat your opponent.

How many times have you heard a scout in null warn – “Don’t undock, there is a 2 week old pilot in a Rifter parked on the undock. I can see they have rail guns fitted. Let’s starve him of any fun.” It is a similar story with Intel channels – a PL gang of HAC’s is spotted moving through the region and calls are made for people to X up. The channel is suspiciously quiet. Twenty minutes later a 4 month old pilot in a NPC corporation is noticed flying a Ferox, and 37 pilots x up for the defense fleet.

Staying docked is a valid tactic, but it is probably best not to kid yourself on what it actually means.

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