The Alliance of one

Sugar Kyle asked the interesting question on her blog – why are so many things tied to alliances?

I still have my Alliance that I duly pay the fee for each month. I find value in it even from a Solo play point of view, but the justification can be a little hazy.


So I spent a little time thinking about what an Alliance means for the solo and small group players – and what it could mean. Keeping in mind my input is very lightweight…

. First and foremost, it amuses me to have an Alliance. While the functionality is not designed for my sort of play, it is nice that I am not excluded from the mechanic.

. By far the most useful gain from having an Alliance is being able to keep contacts up-to-date across my Corporations in the one place. This is particularly nice when you spend time living out of Hi-Sec and use Scouts in different corporations.

. It costs effort and ISK to create an Alliance. It was a long skill train, 1B ISK to create, and 2M per corporation per month to maintain. These are not however out of the scope of my play style. I would be disappointed if the cost was increased to exclude the likes of me.

. You get an Alliance Chat Channel and the ability to send Alliance EVEMails and bulletins. From a solo point of view these have no value. If you share your Alliance with a small group of friends and family who run their own corporations, you might use this – but it could easily enough be replaced in game with a shared chat channel and a mailing list.

. There are different rules around War-Decs – which from memory make it a little more costly for a war declaration to be made against you, and a little more fiddly for you to declare war against someone else.

. You get an Alliance War History

. A bounty can be placed on your Alliance

. There are some Alliance related settings on POS, although functionally they are very limited and not worth discussing until the impact of Crius are fully explained.

. You can arguably get involved in Sovereignty related activities, but for all intents and purposes you are excluded from anything meaningful.


So where or how might it improve?

. I can see it would be useful to have an Alliance Wallet and ability to set taxes, bills or pay dividends to member corporations. It would just make it a little easier to manually or automate pushing ISK between my Corporations.

. I would absolutely love shared Alliance bookmarks. It would make my scouting and wormhole travels much easier. I expect most Alliances could see value in that.

. I would love the idea of an Alliance Hanger (in station or on a POS). Again it would be of value to both small and large Alliances, depending on how the access permissions worked.

. I would like to see a mechanism where you can set an Alliance to a certain management style, and not have to be concerned about being voted out / losing control of it.

. Frankly I would like to see some of the sovereignty requirements brought to Corporation level, so you don’t specifically have to create an Alliance for them.


In reality, and unoriginally, most of that basically comes down to making an Alliance more like a Corporation, to allow easier sharing of resources and efforts between member corporations.

So – in answer to Sugar’s original question – for solo and small group play there is minimal tied into being in or out of an Alliance. Having an alliance however is achievable and has benefits. Changes to allow easier sharing of resources between member corporations would make having an Alliance even more beneficial.

I don’t however have thoughts on all the tools required to run proper, large scale Alliances, and of course their coalitions.  But that is not what you would be reading my blog for…

3 thoughts on “The Alliance of one

  1. I think ‘because I want it’ is a fantastic reason.

    Once I got the bulk of the thought from my head a lot has jelled into alliances and corps being less a repeat of the same thing and more unique individuals.

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