Under, off, over the Radar

My wife has started her new job. She leaves the house before the kids get up, and gets home after they have had tea. I find myself the full time stay at home parent, who also happens to have a busy paying job. I’m not sure EVE will get much of a look in during the week.

I scheduled for a long session in game on Saturday, and actually managed to achieve it. I started by logging in my Low Sec Scout, but the system I am basing out of was once again awash with Pirates. It has been the same since Kronos – far more pirate gate camps, far more pirates out hunting. It is just not feasible to do any carebearing, so I move my focus elsewhere.

Next I log in my Island Scout and go looking for access to Hi-Sec. There are only 4 wormholes in the constellation, but luckily one is to Hi-Sec. It is some 20+ odd jumps from where I base my supplies, but I make use of it anyway. I ferry in one of my Gila, a Gas guzzling Venture, and a PVE Stabber Fleet Issue I wanted to test out. While there I picked up a contract purchase and brought back a Pilgrim I wasn’t using.

I had one stumbling block – I couldn’t work out how to get a bookmark from my out of Corp Alt to my main that didn’t involve a Contract. I ended up moving the Alt into my main Corp and putting it in a Corporation bookmark folder.

The moving of ships took quite some time, so while manually flying 100+ combined jumps I looked at my PI Alts. I remarked the other day about two pilots at war, one in a station, the other outside trying to goad them into undocking. It turned out the war was against the Corporation I have blue standings with in my old home system. I had originally witnessed an Ally to the defending Corp goading one of the aggressors. Later, I witnessed an Ally to the aggressors trying to goad the defenders to undock. The irony was not lost on me.

We had both remarked that we could call on each other for help if our POCO were in danger – but they didn’t send me a message. That was probably lucky for me as I am not really in a position to log in.

Coinciding with them losing their POCO someone offered to buy my four. I expect, unless unusually fortuitous, it is probably from the person behind the takeover of my blue’s POCO. Given I don’t use them, can’t defend them, and they generate very little income; it’s prompted me to sell them. I’ve spoken to the blue and offered it to them first. They will look at it after their war is finished. If the wars move to me I’ll lose them for no ISK, but that’s a minor price for doing the right thing by another player. (I am really not suited to this game!)

I emptied my planets and cleared the installations so, if I ever felt inclined I could set up new planets closer to my new home. I think I have remarked before, my dabbling in POCO would last simply as long as it took for someone else to notice I had them and take them off me. Once I sell (or lose) them, any further PI I do is at the mercy of finding planets with reasonable tax rates. It’s the price of solo play. I finished off my session with yet more hauling, moving my PI supplies to my new home and closing the old corporate hanger.

4 thoughts on “Under, off, over the Radar

  1. …that’s a minor price for doing the right thing by another player. (I am really not suited to this game!)

    No… nope and Hells No! In this regard you are, IMHO, very indicative of the VAST nonvocal majority of EVE players my friend. The key here is nonvocal… the Silent Majority of Do-gooders if you will. Not in your gameplay or in your style… but in the spirit of “doing right by others”… you are spot on in my experience. The issue is (1) good guys and good deeds are not inherently as interesting as the dramalamas and trolls of New Eden… and (b) we, those of us who like you believe in “doing right by others” see no need to be vocal about it… doing something that is right is self-evident and is it’s own reward.

    In my time here both as a solo, small corp player and even in SYJ, at one time the largest and one of the most active Anokis Merc PvP Alliances, I have found we far outnumber the trolls and scammers and asshats of EVE. One of the main reasons I read your stuff man, I know yer one of us.

    • Yep. What Tur said.

      A note of caution – I’m in very similar circumstances at present, with the added bonus of a non-sleeping child (eczema and food allergies). It’s far to easy to spread yourself too thin. Just please be careful of the load.

      • My niece had bad eczema that would keep her up at nights for years. Thankfully she has grown out of the worst of it and is one of the most cheerful kids you could imagine. I hope your child is as lucky – but in the meantime I don’t doubt the difficulty in managing at home. One of my kids has clinical behavioural problems which we are going through the very expensive and time consuming process of trying to understand. The load you have to juggle is daunting. I tend to use EVE as a bit of a distraction and something to maintain just for myself. Good luck!

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