No, that’s not right

After some interesting feedback and further reading, it is apparent my naïve view on Sov Null Sec renting was wrong.

Corporations will of course want to rent from the largest and most powerful landlords – those that can defend their holdings, provide region wide Intel channels and reasonable access to Hi-Sec. Renters don’t want lots of tiny fiefdoms to choose between.

Despite them being an income source, Renters will still be looked at with derision by those who feel they are weak and don’t deserve to be there. I’ve lived in Null Sec, I know the divide between PVPer and Carebear, and I should have thought that through more. There could be synergy, there should be synergy, but there isn’t and probably will never be.

So I need to refine my thoughts.

First – I like that there is an option to rent Sov Null Sec. That was reinforced by the pragmatic view of some renters, who make their decision to hire out parts of null sec based on logic, economics, and the fun factor. They are there because they want to be. I don’t want to see that option removed. Frankly, I want that option to remain open for myself.

Second – I don’t think the current status quo is a good thing – where the only viable option for most is to rent, and the options of who you rent from are limited. I know it is (again) naïve, but it would be nice if a group was still able to gather resources and strike out to own a small piece of space land for themselves.

2 thoughts on “No, that’s not right

  1. It seems the only existence the solo/small corp/alliance could have in nullsec is a nomadic one. If you’re living out of your Orca and some Mobile Depots, and using wormholes to travel in between nullsec systems. The moment you throw up a POS is the moment you get to see your first Titan. There is certainly a right-of-passage into 0.0.

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