Snippets from undocking

Putting my PI on ice has had one side benefit – I’ve been able to move one of my Alts to Jita again for Price checking. I know there are web sites that provide reasonable approximations of current prices, but they are not as good as having a Toon there.

I tested my Rattlesnake fit with the Gecko, as was suggested by some readers. It is indeed better than the heavy drones, but I still found it nowhere near as effective as using the sentries. They hit quicker, don’t have delays in reaching targets or returning, and, assuming you are orbiting, are much easier to scoop up and redeploy when they start taking damage. Now that’s settled in my mind, hopefully I won’t need to run missions again for a while.

This weekend I scanned down my low and high sec pockets but found no useful wormholes back to main Empire space. Both areas were pretty busy so I stayed around my home system.

I went through my various containers and refined anything I didn’t need and wouldn’t be worth selling – to get in before the refining nerf hits with Crius.

I purchased a refining array for the POS for experiments after Crius.

I also purchased a medium intensive refining array, which should turn into a compression array after the update, again for experiments.

I purchased and fitted out a couple of Prospects to try out.  I did some mining.  I put them away.

I refit my main roaming Orca with reinforced bulkheads, splashing out on the T2 versions.

I moved a bit of POS fuel around.

I looked at fits for the Machariel, Nestor, Bhaalgorn, Orthrus and Garmur. I felt the need for another hanger ornament, but nothing jumped out as a must have.

Distraction and downtime achieved.

One thought on “Snippets from undocking

  1. You know, the weirdest disadvantage off MMOs, and in particular EVE: You leave the game for half a year or a year, you come back, and everything changed and you need to learn everything anew.

    Too much of real life in a game, if you ask me.

    (Jesting a bit. Still not going back to EVE, but still following the queen of all MMOs, and in particular, an EVE hermit’s life.)

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