Moon rush, or not

I got the heads up on when the Crius update file was available on Twitter, so I was patched and ready to log in when the servers returned.

I can’t say I was feeling any particular excitement about Crius, but I wanted to grab a moon in a 0.9 system which happened to be rather close to a Trade Hub. I figured I might have some competition. With that in mind I had already scouted out a couple moons and placing book marks around them. My main alt was logged off nearby in a Blockade Runner with a small POS. I figured that ship would allow me to move around quickly, and scout out other moons cloaked if required. My main was also nearby in a Deep Space Transport holding fuel for the POS.

I logged in during the early minutes of Crius and had the system to myself. I warped down to the moon and tried to anchor the POS. It wouldn’t allow me because my alt did not have Charters in the hold. That will teach me for separating the POS and fuel into different hulls. A quick scramble and that was rectified, and the POS started to online.

I still had the system to myself.

I then sat down to throw a few modules on the POS, and realised within minutes that I couldn’t do what I wanted with it. I hadn’t really done my preparations for this.

Some research, checking of prices, a purchase off the market, and a run to and from the Trade Hub had a shiny new (or I guess it could have been well worn) Medium POS.

I checked my backup moon and it was still available. Actually – I still had the system to myself.

I got the second POS anchored and online, and dropped the modules I needed for my playing – a compression array, a reprocessing array, a design laboratory and a research laboratory. I updated my overview (the Compression Array is a new object, and so not selected by default), looked at the new Industry interface, took a couple screen shots, and then I was done for the night.


I still had the system to myself.

(Two more POS were anchored overnight – so people made use of the changes, but not quite as many as I had expected. I’ll decide later on if I end up with a Small or Medium POS. I’ve left both online for at least a month.)


2 thoughts on “Moon rush, or not

  1. Hey Hermit,

    Frankly, having to now pay for installing your own jobs at your own POS on top of the fuel costs really does make me wonder about the viability. Especially with the risks involved of now having your BPOs in space.

    I guess we’ll see if it’s actually worth it once the system indices come on line in what I can only presume is a month. And ofc, once the market settles…

    • Pretty sure the system indices are already online – they used job/activity stats from the last month. The system I am basing out of is already at the worst level possible. (Which is a worry when it really has very few people in it day to day.)

      I don’t have any assembly lines on the POS, and don’t see how it would be financially viable generally with casual mode play. I am simply experimenting with the various compression / reprocessing arrays and playing around with blueprints and what not to work out all the changes in Crius. I can burn a bit of ISK on it for the amusement value.

      I am not concerned about BPOs in the POS. I can just cancel the research jobs and take them out if I get a war dec.

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