Researching Research

Time is POS fuel, so I made the effort this evening to start looking at the new Industry interface.

I began with something I’ve had plenty of experience with – researching BPO.


I opened up the Industry window and clicked on the Material Efficiency icon. I then selected the Blueprint tab and displayed those owned by the Corp, in the current station, and restricted to Originals. I then sorted on the Material Efficiency to see what lost out in the Crius conversion and would need some research to get up to the perfect ME 10.

So far so good – the process was logical and there were interesting tool tips everywhere. I was mindful however that I understood this concept already, having previously researched 1,000 odd BPO. I could see it might be useful to have a help button or a link to a tutorial to explain the overall process to a new player, and why they would want to do it.

The other thing was those BPO without ME research had that field greyed out. I had initially thought this reflected that they gained no benefit from having a ME rank (which was why I had not researched them originally). In clicking and playing around you can actually research these. The field will turn blue I expect once they reach ME 1. I’ll have to see if these BPO are different now and need to be researched.

I arbitrarily selected 10 BPO to move to the cargo hold of my ship. I looked for a way to right click / move them through the interface, but it looked like I would have to separately grab them from the Inventory window. Later with some experimenting I found I just had to drag and drop their icons.

Each BPO I moved however would kick off a refresh of the Blueprint lists, which took a while as I had 1,000 or more in the current station. On one hand I’m impressed it is as quick as it is with the number of BP’s I have, on the other I wonder why it has to do a full refresh of the list after each individual move.

The other area where performance was an issue was between selecting BPO or activity type, and having that update reflected in the interface. There were some long delays, or you’d suddenly get 2 or 3 quick updates reflecting a couple button presses you made while wondering if it was going to respond or not.

I undocked and flew to my POS, dropping the 10 BPO into the Research Lab.


I opened up the industry tab again, selected blueprints, the research lab, selected a BPO, and put in whatever job runs were required to get the BPO to ME 10. For this batch it was mostly 5 each. The timings seemed about what I would have expected, and the cost was minimal.

9 ME research jobs kicked off (the most my main can do), and I am pretty happy overall with this single aspect of the game.  I expect I will make an effort while the POS is still running to get as many of my BPO as possible to ME 10 / TE 10.

I will say however – be extremely careful about the job cost. I experimented with cheap BPO and the cost was minimal. Later I was looking at Time Efficiency research costs and on some fairly innocuous BPO the price was staggering. To get my Amarr Control Tower Small BPO from TE 8 to TE 10 it would cost 2.28B ISK. Yes – Billion. That would be an expensive miss-click.


* EDIT – after the patches on 23.07 and 24.07.2014, the job cost field is now blank unless you move the BPO into a facility with the appropriate activity available, and fixes were made to the research cost calculations.  (Confirmed in patch notes.) To get my small Amarr Control Tower TE from 8 to 10 is now showing 2.03M ISK (and 128 days).  Much, much cheaper!  Getting ME from 0 to 10 is 155 days and 16.7M.  Again, more reasonable.  I don’t want to fly the capital related BPO about to check their prices, but I suspect they should all be more reasonable.

5 thoughts on “Researching Research

    • I checked but the capital component BPOs were already at ME 10. I looked at some other examples though – to get an Archon BPO from ME 7 to 8 costs 6.9B ISK. To get a Charon BPO from ME 9 to 10 is costed at 53B. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

      • Likewise…. Unfortunately the small player or new entrant is going to get squeezed. The cost of researching the high end BPOs will be prohibitive, and not having them researched to at least some level is going to kill you in the markets.


  1. I’ve edited the post – the patch notes seem to suggest these figures were in fact (thankfully) wrong. Looking again after the latest patch and the costs are far more reasonable.

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