Sting like a non-goon bee

Unfortunately my usual Saturday and Sunday morning EVE Gaming sessions were lost this weekend. The first due to a half day trip to catch up with my parents, the second due to a 30 minute work task taking most of the day.

I have however been logging in nightly to continue my BPO research, running up to 28 jobs across three of my characters. I’m working through my 779 BPO, getting them to ME 10 / TE 10 where practical. (I found a lot of cheaper BPO were at ME 9 and TE 9 after the change-over.)

There are another 553 donated BPO which I will turn my attention to later.

I will say again, the new Industry interface is much improved, and it is quicker and easier to submit research jobs. New players should be able to research their cheap BPO cost effectively, even with 10% Tax and a heavy job index in their system.

However, the performance is clunky and seems to be unnecessarily slow. I thought it might have just related to my BPO Library, but it is still apparent when interacting with my POS when it had less than 40 BPO in it. It can take too long to display a BPO in the top half of the industry screen when you click on it, it can take too long when you click between ME and TE research options, it takes too long to refresh the BPO list when you deliver jobs, move BPO in or out of displayed containers, or submit new jobs.

Again – the whole thing is improved, better, and I don’t want to go back. It just doesn’t seem to be working optimally.

I also spent some time arming my medium POS. It is now a scary and formidable foe with 16 small batteries, 8 sensor dampeners, and a couple each of Warp disrupters and Scramblers. I might put up more once I finish experimenting with the Reprocessing Array and remove it. Ok – when I said formidable I was only joking, it won’t stop any group of consequence, but it amuses me.

I did practice controlling them and shooting an Alt. They do a surprising amount of damage.

I did have one strange occurrence to remark on. While launching batteries from the cargo hold, one seemed to bounce off the POS and slowly move away. It would then rubber-band back before moving away again. I tried to anchor it, and while it followed the little green box, it gave some odd message about being out of sync. I had to scoop it up and jettison it again before it would work.

4 thoughts on “Sting like a non-goon bee

  1. Don’t try to catch up with your parents too fast….

    The BP issue sounds a lot like bookmarks used to work – that took a big effort to fix (
    Not a POS expert but if you have gunners, think about webs and ecm too

  2. I’ve given up on the interface a few times and tried again the following day. What I’ve found is that when it won’t auto update to the next identical job, it hangs. Not always, but sufficiently so to be a real PITA.

    As far as the moving green box while anchoring, I’ve found that to mostly be because you (the anchorer) are ever so slowly moving as well. Seems to be relative to your positioning. Not saying that it was this in this case, just whenever I’ve had the issue that has been why.

    Most bizarre issue I’ve had after Crius was hacking a data site. The two pylons were quite close together, but I kept failing the hack. Which is very rare for me. Happened a couple of times before I figured out that while on approach and hack, the ship would auto move towards the other tower… and yes, I could reproduce it at will. Turning off my prop mod gave me enough time to complete the hack before moving to far away.

    • As you know I am currently on sabbatical but… as POS Manager for our corp I can say definitively that Helena is correct, the ‘roving green box’ is due to the anchoring ship’s movement. You can emplace and anchor your modules from anywhere in the POS FF but you need to be sitting still with ‘0’ acceleration.

      I usually place and anchor the 1st mod from a hauler parked near the CHA then I switch to ‘view’ the newly anchored mod and place and anchor the next and so on and so on.

      • Interesting – but the green box wasn’t moving. It was the jettisoned battery. It would slide away from the POS, jerk back to its original position, and repeat. I presume it mistakenly bounced – although it still showed 0 movement, and the relative position between it and my stationary ship kept changing somewhere in the client or system.

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