Generally I don’t use the EVE launcher – instead I run the client executable directly.

The exception is when there was a patch. Since the launcher was introduced I found the direct client patching to be a bit unreliable, so when it advised me there was a patch to download I would cancel the session and run the launcher instead.

I noticed in the Crius patch notes this little comment:

“In-client patching system phased out. Game client no longer tries to use the legacy patch system and popups, players are rather directed to use the launcher to update their client.”

And this is what my client reports any time there is a patch to be applied:


Must be Icelandic for “Run the Launcher”.

I also noticed this in the patch notes:

“The guests station list count will now update when guests dock and undock.”

I’ve found since Crius that the Station Guest list is not accurate / doesn’t seem to update. I presume the Guest number though works.

What’s EVE without its quirks and foibles.

On a more positive note, CCP Seagull mentioned a couple times in her recent flurry of media interviews and the Reddit Ask Me Anything session that shareable overviews are in development and coming soon.

I did a little mental jump for joy.