This is not the reprocessing you were looking for

One of my vague ideas for exploring the industry changes with Crius was to check out the POS reprocessing array. To that purpose I dutifully purchased and anchored one.

I didn’t actually have anything to refine because – well, I had cleared my hangers of anything suitable before the last update nerfed the return rate. The other evening I ran a Covert Ops and DED 1 combat site which netted me 60M ISK and some loot to reprocess. I figured I would make use of that POS array to see how it worked and if the different return between array and POS were worth it.

(Errr, Ummm and Ahhh might be on the minds of those in the know)

The reprocessing array of course wouldn’t accept my rat loot. I tried several times and looked at the right click menu, then looked at the description of the module. “Able to take raw ores and process them into minerals.” Ahhhh, ores (and I think ICE) products only.

Not really of any value to me, so I offlined, unanchored and removed the array from my POS. As I remarked previously, I wasn’t paying enough attention when I wrote my Crius to do list.

I will say one thing for this sudden rush of BPO research. I am logging in more frequently, even if not actually doing much more in game. That means I’ve been noticing bugs and quirks – which I was pleased to find were already in the list of known issues so should be resolved over time.

In somewhat shoulder slumping news, I am missing out on my Saturday morning EVE session again today. My wife went into banshee mode on my 9 year old son after he cried inconsolably when asked to get off his laptop. Instead of a quiet house to myself and EVE, I now have to take my son to Indoor Soccer. I’d cry about it, but I wouldn’t want my wife to go all banshee mode on me.

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