Headaches and POS

I was feeling quite unwell yesterday. I was woken at 4am with a bad Migraine and spent the morning trying not to throw up prescription pain killers while alternating between long hot showers and laying in a darkened room. In the afternoon it had dulled to just a headache, and my wife taking pity on me took the kids out of the house. I ended up having a very long and enjoyable EVE session.

I spent the entire time looking at POS. I had 3 tabs in my EVE spreadsheet relating to them. I amalgamated them into one and updated it with the latest stats and information. I calculated the fuel costs of every small standard and faction POS and their current prices. I looked at prices in Jita and Amarr, I checked contracts, and I spent some time comparing http://eve-central.com/ and http://eve-marketdata.com/. I ended up purchasing 2 faction POS (flipping one for a 150M ISK profit a few hours later) and a couple Billion ISK in fuel blocks. I then swapped out my originally anchored small POS for another. Last of all I went over options for how I might fit it, and google searched for blogs and wiki’s on the effectiveness of various offensive mods.

Today I refit my Occator Transport, dual tanking it because there was nothing else I needed to do with the two spare middle slots, and started moving some of the fuel blocks I’ve purchased over the last couple months in preparation for Crius.  Gee they make for a big and expensive cargo.

As is common, I can’t explain why or how I found that to be so enjoyable, but it was.