Headaches and POS

I was feeling quite unwell yesterday. I was woken at 4am with a bad Migraine and spent the morning trying not to throw up prescription pain killers while alternating between long hot showers and laying in a darkened room. In the afternoon it had dulled to just a headache, and my wife taking pity on me took the kids out of the house. I ended up having a very long and enjoyable EVE session.

I spent the entire time looking at POS. I had 3 tabs in my EVE spreadsheet relating to them. I amalgamated them into one and updated it with the latest stats and information. I calculated the fuel costs of every small standard and faction POS and their current prices. I looked at prices in Jita and Amarr, I checked contracts, and I spent some time comparing http://eve-central.com/ and http://eve-marketdata.com/. I ended up purchasing 2 faction POS (flipping one for a 150M ISK profit a few hours later) and a couple Billion ISK in fuel blocks. I then swapped out my originally anchored small POS for another. Last of all I went over options for how I might fit it, and google searched for blogs and wiki’s on the effectiveness of various offensive mods.

Today I refit my Occator Transport, dual tanking it because there was nothing else I needed to do with the two spare middle slots, and started moving some of the fuel blocks I’ve purchased over the last couple months in preparation for Crius.  Gee they make for a big and expensive cargo.

As is common, I can’t explain why or how I found that to be so enjoyable, but it was.

3 thoughts on “Headaches and POS

  1. I still find it amazing how much time you find to play EVE, maintain this excellent blog, update yourself on the EVE community and master all those RL tasks inclusive two kids. I think I would have to roll over and give up very quickly.

    However, I started to participate in Elite: Dangerous, which has a less logistic heavy and more single player oriented approach, a beautiful space scape, soon 4 billion star systems to visit and planetary landings, walking in stations are planned for an expansion. And it has VR support for the Oculus Rift. I have the feeling there are quite some EVE players over there, too. Moreso, I learned a lot from EVE and I can transfer this experience very neatly to E:D.

    Please keep your blog up, it is an excellent source for me to stay updated on the world of EVE and so comfortable devoid of any “EVE politics” talks or bitter vet syndrome. And cudos to your wife, I am envious! 😉

    • To be honest with you the situation has ramped up slowly over time, so I’ve been able to adjust. The new routine has been running for a month, and has been going ok so far. I am losing 60 to 90 minutes sleep a day though, which will catch up with me over time.

      I saw a review of Elite: Dangerous the other day. It kind of has an old school feel about it – bringing back memories of games played when I was younger. Be interesting to see how that equates into a long term game experience now. I don’t seem myself as having the spare time to play it though.

      Oh – I do write about EVE politics and the like. Most thoughts however never get to the blog as I don’t have enough time to polish them off!

  2. Right to the point you are; I just wrote a bit in my blog about the long term game experience and what this entails from a principal perspective. Surely, EVE has found a way, which is the most fascinating thing about it. The concept of an entirely player driven economy and of a crazy amount of tools to play with. It is interesting to read how you fiddle around with them, pick them up, eye them, smell, touch and then discard of what you cannot use. This way, I learn about the game world even though I do not have the time to get into it myself.

    My gripe with EVE is that I do not want to get into multiboxing, and apart from the heavy logistic elements to tackle, to a large part also caused by a crappy UI concept, I miss immersion. I think you indirectly wrote about it at some point, calling it “reconnecting to EVE” by simply undocking and flying around.
    I was dreaming about an EVE with my own ship, my Valkyrie fighter, walking in stations, landing on planets, getting into my LEGION clone, walk around my planetary installations, visit the orbiting POCO… you are right, probably not gonna happen anytime soon. That is why I am trying out Elite: Dangerous. Apparently it is a blast when using an Occulus Rift DK2!

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