I’ve settled into a pattern of having a short session in EVE most evenings. I check the status of my BPO research, cycling through logging in up to 3 characters to submit new jobs as required. I then grab my Occator Deep Space Transport and go collect some of the 4B ISK worth of POS fuel I had scattered around. Moving a couple hundred million ISK worth at time means I’ll be at this task for a while.

I’ve had the Occator for a long time, but only really used it for setting up POS. Now it is far more useful with 70K+EHP and 60K+m3 cargo space. I find myself flying it regularly.

Good to see CCP seem to have fixed the issue where BPO values were coming up as zero. Makes it easier to judge how much value you have sitting in the POS research Lab.

2 thoughts on “Nightly

  1. I’ve also noted a bug where the UI does not always seem to see all the BPCs at the POS as well. It was only going to the POS and seeing unused datacores that the issue became evident.

    This was on a reasonable number of inventions, so I’m unsure if it relates the the handling of large numbers of items in one place or the new UI itself.

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