Our own worst enemies

There’s a problem with a lot of the discussions that go on about EVE.

Raise an opinion about Null Sec or Wormhole space or Faction Warfare or Incursions or just about anything, and if you are not already deep into the game mechanic your thoughts tend not to be received well.

At first this might seem just to be common sense. However those players living and breathing these areas of the game have a tendency to be strongly myopic with their views. We get tainted discussions that usually circle back to either protecting or improving their current status quo.

That is not to say CCP is kowtowed by this. They seem to stick fairly well to the core of whatever vision they bring to the player base for discussion. This lack of inclusiveness however means we can miss unique or fresh ideas, and the direction usually heads away from shaking things up for the better. The end result seems to be a less adventurous CCP.

3 thoughts on “Our own worst enemies

    • Good question. There seems to be a general feeling that EVE as a whole needs a bit of a shake up and change. When I ignore the trolls and tears and carry on and concentrate just on the better quality and thought out discussions I’m still left feeling we are just trying to have more of the same. It lacks excitement and in effect stifles the development of the game.

  1. Remember they have to deal with the forums. The amount of vitriolic entitlement I saw in the Crius thread made me sure I was reading about a game where there was a low maximum IQ. I think CCP have to walk a fine line carefully. They’ve been complicit in disaster before which makes things more difficult and yet the player base reads like a Crowley-esque “Do as I complain is the whole of the law”.

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