Changing my mind again and then again

I missed both my weekend EVE sessions again, which are the only time during the week I can play for a few hours without fear of interruption. While this restricted what I could do, I still ended up spending a lot more hours in game than is normal.

My BPO research continues, and will be doing so for quite some months. I am just finishing the first part of my collection, close to 200 BPO relating to consumables (ammunition and whatnot). Most of these were quick to train the gaps to get them to ME/TE 10. The process will slow down as I move into the more expensive BPO.

Since I will have the POS running for quite a while I continued the process of investigating the best one to use to cover my needs. I primarily need it to run a Design laboratory and a Research Laboratory, and until I can do my investigations, a Compression Array. I also want to be able to offline these and turn on a basic defence.

I currently have a Medium Faction Tower running, but I can get away with running a small POS. I had originally planned to use the Dark Blood Small Control Tower I already owned, and went so far as to anchor. It doesn’t however have the CPU to run the 2 labs and 1 array. (I should have foreseen that.)

The prices for Small Faction POS are currently much higher than normal and availability limited, so I ended up purchasing and anchoring a Dread Guristas Small Control Tower to use instead. This has more than enough CPU for what I need. However I couldn’t find a basic defensive setup that did what I wanted it to.

So finally I purchased a Shadow Small Control Tower and anchored that. This runs what I want it to, and will allow me to configure a suitable basic defence. (I’m under no illusion as to its ability to defend itself; this is more for amusement and inconvenience value.) I also picked up various faction POS modules to squeeze on the defence I was happy with. I now find myself with some 7 or 8 control towers.

While going through this long process – including some extended shopping trips to far flung systems to pick up some of the POS equipment, I also spent a great deal of time collecting all that POS Fuel I mentioned I purchased over the last few months. I thought that I had spent around 4B ISK on it, some for my own use, and some for speculative trading. This turned into quite a task for my risk adverse self, as it turned out to be closer to 8B ISK worth that I ended up moving in 220M and 800M ISK lots.

I will transition from my medium to small POS over the next couple weeks as some of the longer research jobs finish up.

I’ve been a bit bumbling in my approach to this. I would not normally have committed to spending so much on equipment and fuel in earlier years, but I tend to find myself a little rushed when I do get a chance to the play the game at the moment and am not as patient. I’ll have to re-sell a lot of what I have collected, and hope my actions haven’t cost myself too much.

One thought on “Changing my mind again and then again

  1. I am sure if you collected it all together and got it shipped to Jita then you would be able to recoup a good percentage of the outlay that you have shelled out on.

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