I am seeing the consequences of my extra busyness that began at the start of July. Aside 60 to 90 minutes less sleep a day, I’ve noticed I’m not finishing half my blog entries. The draft folder is quickly growing. I am going to have to try and be more succinct in my ramblings.

A little while ago the overview blog for the Hyperion release was posted.


I thought I would have a quick look at it from my solo point of view.


Wormhole changes

I don’t mind the concept of most of these changes – including the impact of mass on how far ships are spat out the other end of a wormhole passage. (Sort of makes sense in a Sci-Fi movie sort of way!) Most changes appear to be adjustments to lookup tables instead of heavy code rewrites, so should be able to be tweaked.

The updates will probably make life a little more dangerous for solo or small gangs living in wormhole space and focused on PVE – given they will have a little less warning about new connections, there will generally be more connections open, and it will be more dangerous to roll holes with bigger ships. Those focused on PVP however might find it a little better.

I can’t see it encouraging new people into wormhole space – it might even have the opposite effect. Day trips however will likely go deeper and last a little longer, and I expect most inhabitants will adjust.

The bookmark changes will be useful.


New Overview setup sharing

Not a perfect implementation (I saw someone suggest something like the saved fitting functionality would be better), but it will make a huge difference for me trying to maintain the overviews of 6 characters across two accounts. I can just update my main, post a link in an alliance mail, and then update all the other characters from there. I am excited by this one; although it is probably something older players will be more enthused about.


A new kind of Level 4 missions

This one is interesting, aside the worry about having losses on your killboard as you work the missions out. I also worry that the AI will be easily farmable with certain min/max fits. Will have to see how they are in reality. It is however something I will try as a solo player, and it might even encourage a few to PVP more. I wonder why they are not doing level 1 through 4 though. Level 4 frigate combat seems odd.


Incursion Scout Sites improved to be viable for small groups

I thought this meant they might be easier for small groups. I had a momentary spike of interest – maybe I can test the incursion waters on these easy sites. Maybe I can run them with two accounts? No – they will actually be harder and required 5 people, but the more viable bit is increased rewards. Moving along…


Otherwise there wasn’t much in the blog that will impact my game. They are changing the Ishtar, Eagle and Muninn a little. I don’t fly them, and at a glance the changes won’t encourage me to. They are lowering the activation cost of 100MN Micro Warp Drives, which again won’t impact me. New Tool tips for the market might give me 3 minutes of interest. I might get another 4 minutes of interest glancing at the new EVE Store accessories – but since I don’t use the captain quarters, I can’t see myself buying any.

It was half interesting that they suggest they will allow Multiple Character training to be available through the New Eden Store. So you might be able to use up some of your Aurum on Multiple Character training. I expect people with far more knowledge than me might write some detailed blog posts on the impact on the market of that change.

So I am really looking forward to the Overview sharing, and will spent at least a few days looking at the new Level 4 missions. It could have been worse.

2 thoughts on “Hyper-selfish

  1. Kind of curious about those new level 4 missions myself. I’ve never been interested in anything bigger than a battle-cruiser, so it looks like some missions I can actually enjoy. I get the feeling they’re going to be more group based content though.

    • I don’t get that impression. Level 4’s can all be soloed at the moment, so I would assume this can be. You are only up against one foe. I’d be more surprised if they allow multiple pilots in. No need to worry about your fits if you just have half a dozen pilots in buffer fit gank frigates who overwhelm the foe. Would be a much quicker farming option than full Level 4’s. CCP Seagull remarked on twitter that “You will get to know what you are encountering, and then need to figure out what to fit to take it on.” Not sure if you will get to know through trial and error or will be told by the agent, but if you have to adjust your fit against different foes, I’m more inclined to think it has to be soloed. Be interesting to see.

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