Microsoft says No Eve for you

Another weekend passes with no opportunity to really play EVE properly.

I walked away from my desktop PC on Thursday night as it applied window updates. I returned on Friday morning to find the PC continually rebooting. It would start, indicate windows did not shutdown properly and did I want to boot into safe mode, pause for a bit, blue screen and reboot. It had been doing that continually for 6 hours straight.

Unfortunately I couldn’t boot into any of the safe modes as they all blue screened. I also didn’t have a valid repair disk for the service patch level of Windows 7. I unhooked almost all the hardware and ran memory tests, but nothing helped. Needing my desktop to work I resorted to buying a new SSD and windows 8. I hadn’t gone down the upgrade path to 8 as I really did not like Microsoft’s direction with it, but by now the third party tools to make it more useable as a desktop environment were well known.

So my Saturday EVE session was lost to re-installing a large volume of applications.

Now I know what the initial problem was:

Subsequent testing of the old SSD showed half a dozen or more of the core window dll files were visible but not accessible. I suspect 700+ reboots in a row probably didn’t help the situation.

Well played Microsoft, well played.  You got me to upgrade to Windows 8 after all.

One way or another, as Rixx Javix remarked, events in RL affect events in EVE.

I did manage over the weekend to finish setting up my Hi Sec research and experiment small POS.


I’ll decommission the medium POS once the jobs running on it finish.

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