I finished the weekend off with my Main visiting the Hi-Sec island to run exploration sites (with no luck finding faction spawns) and my Main Alt back in the Low Sec pocket making extra bookmarks. It wasn’t about ISK, it was just making the most of the opportunity to undock and interact with the environment.

To achieve this both Toons had to clone jump to different regions. I have different bases of operation set up across Hi and Low-Sec with jump clones and stores of ships and assets to allow this. Often however I can feel disinclined to move my characters away from whatever my main focus of the month is.

I’ve felt this “anchoring” around many aspects of the game – Trade, PI and BPO Research stand out, where moving a character away halts or impacts the function they were being utilised for. The most obvious response to that is training up Alts.

My biggest anchors however are my +5 empire training clones. Every time I step out of them I see my skill training time increase by a noticeable amount, so I feel a subconscious desire to stay using them for as much as possible.

I have spent a lot of time and ISK setting things up so that I can flitter from one side of the galaxy to the other doing as many different aspects of the game as I want on a whim, yet I don’t tend to end up playing the game like that.