I glanced down at the odometer yesterday in my car and realised it had just hit 100,000km. I never pay attention to the odometer, but it is uncanny how often I seem to focus on it at the exact time it clicks over a milestone figure. I presume that while you might not be consciously aware of the figure, subconsciously a part of your brain is.

It is the same for how many Skill Points my main Character in EVE has. Again I don’t really pay it attention, but I suddenly seem to be aware of it right as it clicks over each 10 million. It is the same again for in game birthdays. I opened my character sheet and for no obvious reason my eyes were drawn to the birthdate.

I turned 8 in EVE today.

It is not a real accomplishment within itself. You don’t achieve in EVE just by paying your subscription for years. It is instead an acknowledgement to CCP – for the game they have created and keep evolving. It is an acknowledgement to the community around the game. It is an acknowledgement to – I will put it kindly, my perseverance.

I thought I’d mark the occasion with a moment of nostalgia.

Best Memory

Taking part in Providence’s failed defence of D-GTMI. From a mechanical point of view the slideshow and totally unresponsive client showed a broken and unfair game. But that didn’t seem to really matter – it also showed just how amazing the possibilities were within EVE.

Worst Memory

The weeks after the Incarna release, a poor implementation of walking in cabins, over heating graphic cards, and the now iconic static image of the Captain Quarter door.

Favourite Ship

Strangely enough, that is probably the Orca. I loved being able to roam around in them carrying whatever you needed to be self-sufficient in a nomadic lifestyle. Being able to scan the Fleet Hanger and Ship Maintenance Bay put end to that, although the Transverse Bulkhead rigs now make it a more of a viable possibility now.  I have also loved just about anything that can fit a Covert Ops Cloak.

Favourite Feature


Least Favourite feature

Not so much a feature, but the general feel that PVE content is not dynamic enough.

Most wanted little changes I’d like for my EVE birthday

I’d like more than 5 overview tabs; I’d like to be able to move Clones in ships and store more than one in a station, and I’d like ship skinning to be changed to a removable rig like slot, as having individual entries in the market place for each skinned ship is unnecessary.

Now let see how many more years I can get out of this game.

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