4 thoughts on “Not enough focus on undocking and playing

  1. I get this train of thought, and hers (I read her post). I understand the boredom, it happens from time to time, I still find it difficult to step away.

    Although this is focusing on just a couple of lines in her post it is still something that I went back to after reading.

    So, I think “I should not just be the whiny moany person that constantly complains that there is nothing to do. Waaa, I’m bored.” So I roll up my sleeves, ready to do…something. Perhaps help wake up my alliance, get some fleets going, and be a good EVE citizen.

    And then I draw a blank. Campaign…for what? Fleet….for what?

    Maybe we could kill someone’s POS. But why? Let’s shoot this random structure for no reason or benefit…

    Maybe we could take the entire warzone!…for…the….112th….time….

    Which comes after…

    When was the last time I told you a story about an awesome fight or campaign or interesting thing that happened in militia? It has been a while.

    Well I couldn’t help feeling that the “why” and the “what” could be the thing that gets you a story about an awesome fight or an interesting thing.

    It sounds like most of her corp is inactive, then she could try to find another corp, hell even create a corp for likeminded individuals to join and band together, if you are feeling the same you could join, perhaps your personal interest levels will increase.

    As I say I understand the boredom, I am in a mainly USTZ alliance and I am in EU, however I feel loyal to the corp but mainly through our history of times gone past. Hope your (and her) interest levels come back.

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