Whale Mastery

My main Alt picked up his next Ship mastery – this time for the Orca.


Next should be the Astarte and Eos, in a bit over a month if I remember correctly.

Pretty sure aiming for such achievements in EVE is probably not looked on too kindly. I’m sure it isn’t playing the game right. That is probably why it amuses me.

Just out of interest I went through the ISIS and checked just what Ship Mastery my 7+ year old 143M SP Alt has:

. All four shuttles

. The Orca

. The Caldari Bantam, Osprey, Heron, Kitsune, Blackbird and Falcon

. The Gallante Navitas, Exequror, Vexor Navy Issue, Ishtar, Myrmidon, all T1 and T2 haulers and the Obelisk

. The Minmatar Burst and Scythe, and all their T1 Haulers

Not much when you consider it, and next to none of them “just happened” by chance.  An indication that a lot of the skills and required levels are not what I would have naturally trained.

3 thoughts on “Whale Mastery

  1. I really really like the Astarte. Esp in combination with the armor resist and sig reduction command bonuses. Add 800+ DPS as support, and it’s a seriously tough all in its own right. I love the idea of the Eos, but heavy drones are still likely to die given their propensity to wander off to kill things (esp if dual boxing).

    • I am embarrassed to say that I don’t really use either the Astarte or Eos – I tend to fly shield tanked ships so my Alt mostly uses a Claymore when boosting. I am going for Mastery V in the Gallente line however as it is quicker. Shameful, I know.

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