Saline water

I crossed paths with the noted blogger Wilhelm Arcturus today – of Ancient Gaming Noob fame ( He responded politely to the greeting in local, but I was distracted by my kids trying to kill each other again. I have probably stumbled across a dozen notable EVE players in local over time, generally in unexpected places. I wonder if they regularly come across starry eyed fans.

Oceanus has landed. The deployment was unusually (for recent times) extended, so I had to go to bed before the system was available again.

I visited the Issues and Feedback threads this morning in case there was something I needed to be weary of. There were anecdotal suggestions that the new cloaking effect might impact how long you are visible on grid. Otherwise the threads seemed to be filled with more vitriol about the changes, or lack of changes, than usual. My wife has a very bad head cold at the moment, and you can smell the sickness on her. That was what the forum visit was like. I left as soon as I could.

There wasn’t a great deal in the release of note for me.

I spent probably half a day in game recently doing preparations related to Oceanus and future releases. I purchased 219 different cheap Meta Modules in stacks of between 1 to 150 each. In total this 20,000m3 haul cost just 25M ISK. I expect if I pay attention I will make a profit on some of them when they are rebalanced. This was done as a distraction – not something to specifically make worthwhile ISK over.

I changed the name of my jump clones on my main. Useful – assuming it doesn’t carry over to your capsule name. That is not the sort of intel you would want to give away.



I turned on the optional notifications system. I can see it being useful.



I’m not entirely sure about the need for larger icons in the station sidebar, or defaulting to the agent list. The skeptical side of me assumes this is a performance related decision. It does give a slightly more polished look.



Last of all I of course tested out the cloaking effect.



(Note I am using a Falcon to demonstrate. I picked the hull as I know many people dislike it. That is my version of trolling.)

At some angles and ranges the new effect looks great – at others, not so much. Overall it is an improvement. I’ve noticed more than one person complaining about the development time put into it, but I am supportive of efforts to continually work at improving the game visually. It pays off in the long run. I happened to look at some 8 year old screen captures of the game recently, and boy has it come a long way.

That about sums up Oceanus for me – I’ll glance at the new wormholes when I next day trip there, but there is not much else on my To-Do list related to the release.

6 thoughts on “Saline water

  1. Heh, was you in Fora? I didn’t link the character name up with the blog name. I was running around a bit in space taking screen shots of my Rifter uncloaking after doing a gate jump after we said our greetings.

    • While it is easy to work out, I don’t specifically mention my main on this blog. If someone wants to grief me due to whatever opinions I might spout here, I think it is appropriate they spend 30 seconds working it out for themselves. It is the same for my super secret base of operations in Empire, which is certainly not where we met, just 4 jumps from Amarr or 11 from Jita, and lightly populated. Nope, not there at all…

      I hope you end up flying the Damnation – I still think it must be close to the best looking ship in the game.

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