Suddenly there is excitement

I was astonished by CCP’s latest DEV blog, outlining jump travel changes coming likely in the next release, and giving the sort of very rough path they are looking to take with Null Sec.

That has the capacity to be a real game changer, both obvious, and in ways I’d never likely consider.

After contemplating the huge weapons caches the current Null Sec Lords will likely spread around, my next thought was of an old pony express style situation where instead of changing horse at each station, a new pilot without cool down timers will step into a ship. Obviously that is only in the realm of those with great resources, but already I find the mind racing at all the possible ways players might unexpectedly adjust to this.

Now – frankly, you are not going to get insightful analysis on this from me. (As the pony express idea clearly shows.)

It does not change the ability of the current Null Sec lords to retain their power. They might not be able to respond as quickly, but an unassailable Capital armada moving via gate will still ruin the plans of any smaller group to hold space.

It makes the life of the Null Sec grunt more difficult. It almost forces then into wide spread Null Sec industry. It makes some space more valuable and other less desirable.

What I am really waiting for is to see how the current Null Sec lords respond. Do they take the opportunity over the next 6 weeks to punish CCP by scorching the earth, leaving no one else with any sort of foothold in Sov Null? Do they kick off one of the biggest wars in history against each other to try and get the upper hand over their rivals before it hits?

For the first time in a while I actually feel a sense of excitement about a change coming in EVE. Of course, all I have to do is consider where I want to park my 3 capital ships sometime over the next month or so. In the long run I think this sort of change will make for a more interesting and healthy EVE. In the short term I can see a lot of very unhappy people.

9 thoughts on “Suddenly there is excitement

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  2. It’s hard to choose between being stunned, giggling at the nerdrage and thinking this will probably do terrible things. Small groups out in Stain/Cloud Ring, etc must be panicking hard right now.

  3. There might be some quick fire stomping to neutralize one (or possibly more) flanks. The diplomats will surely be in hyperdrive mode right now. Why? Because getting from one side of your massive empire to fight a war is going to incur some serious jump penalties… so much so, that getting back again, or getting all the way over to the other side in time to put out another fire is going to be a real problem.

    The only fly in the ointment as far as I can see is if any one entity (or collective) can field two or more fleets at opposite ends of their empires sufficiently large to deter others or to continue to take sov. In other words, the large will still get larger as the changes also nerf the ability for the smaller players to get behind enemy lines.

    That said, black ops range has not been affected. Bombers suddenly back in vogue…?

  4. I think it is awesome, and will result in exactly what is needed; compression!
    The furthest reaches of null will become remote in a very real sense, making securing space and living there both expensive and profitable.
    The cartels will need these far reaches to produce and earn, possibly even some form of fealty deal with null-bear corps.
    I can understand the rage from super and titan pilots, but they will be needed to protect these far reaches, and a local super force will make such places easily defended, because they can use gates to move locally and still be able to jump out if needed.
    Meanwhile, areas close to NPC null will be morphing into…something, but I’m not sure what.
    Black ops have the same range alright, but they will also have the cool-down and jump fatigue, won’t they?
    No dropping with impunity any more.

    • Hey Blastie

      You’re right about the BLOPs fatigue. Bombers are cloakly, small, agile and fairly quick. In other words, a darned sight easier to get home via gate jumping (if there isn’t a cov-ops or three in fleet for scan/tackle/scouting, I’d be asking questions). Alternatively, riding out the cool down on shorter hops shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Under 6 minutes for a 4.85ly hop…?

      So, no. Not with impunity any more. But jeez. Te rage from some quarters…. oO

      • Indeed, I think these folks thought they were going to be collecting killmails with impunity for years to come.

  5. I think this change by itself won’t have as much impact as you would guess from the amount of tears so far. More cyno alts will turn into characters capable of jumping a capital hull. CFC will deploy to multiple fronts, they just have to split their fleets and fleets will form up earlier to counter the increased travel time.

    I am still hoping for a ice/moon rebalancing. I’d like each ice belt to contain random ice so that I am not dependant on high sec imports.

  6. I am also excited – not for the jump changes that I dont understand but I am very relieved that CCP has its mojo back. This upcoming expansion truly is the end of the post-Incarna doldrums.

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