A hop, skip and a trip

A couple of the more positive responses to the incoming Jump Drive Nerf stood out for me. The first was that it made geography more important again in EVE. The second was where and how you used your capitals becomes a more meaningful tactical choice. It is that sort of thing which gives me enthusiasm for the change.

So – whether I am meant to have an opinion or not, how does this change impact me – the solo risk adverse player based in Hi-Sec? Directly it turns out.

I have three jump capable capitals – an Archon (Carrier), Thanatos (Carrier), and an as yet unused Rorqual (Industrial Ship). I used the carriers regularly when I lived in Null Sec, primarily as a means of moving ships and supplies in and out. They were a key factor in being self-sufficient, and gave me the option to redeploy or evacuate.

While I have not flown them since returning to Hi-Sec, they still factor into my plans. The most obvious is if I return to Null Sec – either through change that makes it viable or renting or joining a new Corp. I have also considered using them as a base to operate out of in an out of the way Null Sec area, and most recently for moving things in and out of deeper Low Sec. They are still of use to me and how I play the game.

My main response to this incoming Nerf is to consider where I leave these Capitals.

I know the new maximum range is meant to be 5 Light Years with Jump Drive Calibration V. If my Math is right (never my strong point) the range should work out as:

Jump Drive Calibration Rank – Range

I – 2.77 LY
II – 3.33 LY
III – 3.88 LY
IV – 4.4 LY
V – 5 LY

My two Capital characters have the skill at Rank IV. That should mean they are only able to jump 4.4 LY. (This is 1/3 the distance they currently can.)

So I need to take this opportunity to get them close to where I will most likely use them. In reality that means either within range of Genesis Low-Sec or Providence.

I am using a trick I noticed on the Failheap forum. I use a Blackops range report on Dotlan at Jump Drive Calibration rank II, manually changing the starting system in the URL:


This shows a rough maximum range of 5 LY, and I just stop when I get to 4.4 LY.

Excuse the French, but Fuck! Going through this process just reinforces how short that distance really is.

It looks to be an either or decision for me – either I leave them in Low Sec Genesis, or in Low Sec Domain that also happens to be in striking distance of Providence. I can’t see a semi direct route between the two, so it will probably end up being a very long roundabout trip if I change my mind later.

I know I will be able to move Capitals via gates – but that basically means suicide. I’m sure it will be an option for a large group of capitals, but it isn’t for solo players. I am reliant on cynos.

I only have two accounts. Given Capital movement will now generally require multi-jump routes, I will both likely lose more of these (I have no blues), and have to move Cyno Alts after each jump, which is both less than ideal, and flags my movements to anyone watching.

In my research I did notice there were key systems / possible choke points in the areas I was looking at.  I can see these as being highly populated or key gank targets.

I also presume, after a period of adjustment, that it will impact the markets in Hi-Sec. I am not sure it will be major, but there might be a new sort of normal.

Overall it certainly seems to drastically shrink my options for using Capitals, and the thought of living in deeper Null Sec will be far less appealing. (No – those are not tears, that is simple logic.)

I have no doubt it will be a major imposition on people who are reliant on using capitals for logistics. After doing this exercise I’ve come to understand it will be worse than I first thought.

12 thoughts on “A hop, skip and a trip

  1. I know a lot of Industry players are very unhappy with the jump changes… but ya gotta take the bad with the good sometimes, and this is one o’ them times. This shit NEEDED to happen and yes, there are MANY ways it ‘could’ have been implemented… But CCPs goals are NOT to have the worlds best ‘crafting’ game… no matter that we call it ‘Industry’…

    EVE is first and foremost a PVP game and that’s where the guys who created it and own it want to go… all other considerations are secondary to that.

    And PvP in null has been throttled to death in the crib by the mechanics of Force Projection… and ‘logistics’, the ability to move all the :stuff: that supports a fleet WITH the fleet is also a part of Force Projection as we all well know, so that aspect of Jump tech needed to take a hit too… that it negatively impacts ‘peaceful’ jump use is just collateral damage… but for the greater good, it must be accepted.

    So? Adapt and overcome man! like Rixx Javix said…

    “Eve players we should know better than anyone how to adapt, learn and exploit any new system of rules that CCP throws at us. I for one look forward to figuring out what this all means, how to take advantage of it, and then how to explode all the other people trying to figure it all out.”

    Quite simply we all gotta HTFU in EVE once again… Those who don’t want to adapt and cope and learn from the changes will fall by the wayside (IE unsub)… One rolls with the changes in changing times or one dies… as it is IRL so mote it be EVE. This is absolutely nothing but a bucket full of WIN for our great game.

    As the man said, “If they are shooting at you, you know you’re doing something right.” =]

  2. Also… I find it interesting that everyone is upset at how this will nerf their ‘logistics’ whether for Force Projection and supporting Logistics or in your case, the logistics of a solo player… but almost NO ONE seems to be saying, “Wait, this means my enemies won’t be able to do “this” or “that” either.” I mean this is not a one way street, as with all things in EVE we ALL fly by the same rules… ALL of us, and if something nerfs you, it nerfs your enemies too.

    I would give anything to see some posts about how this could be used to an advantage, not posts about how this is such a BAD change from the good ol days… The ‘good ol days’ gave us the Big Blue Doughnut FFS… do we really want to keep that?

    I have a favorite real life experience about things like this…
    My family owns waterfront property on the Chesapeake Bay. Our neighbor across the cove had this wonderful beach we swam at for all the years I was a kid. One day in my early 30’s a northeaster swept through and in one night swept that beach away, completely. But… that storm moved the whole beach across the cove and deposited it on our side. Now my family has a wonderful beach. Tell me change is ‘always bad’ or ‘always sucks’ and I’ll ask you if you wanna go swimming. =]

    Change is the only constant in both RL and EVE… and everyday IRL we have to HTFU and deal with it… just like in EVE.

      • Cool… I guess I’m just getting tired of the level of crap (not you) being generated at what has to be one of the most momentous changes to come to New Eden since Apocrypha… and one I feel is only for the good even with it’s nerf to Industry Hauling and non-blob-support Logistics…

        I know I know, I’m not a nullseccer and I dunt use J-Bridges or JFs or own a Jump capable Cap… But I do love me Blops Ops and I feel, very strongly, that null has been choked to deth in its bed by the Coalitions Bluepapers with every one and OP use of Force Projection. I would give much for CCP to find a way to have the MAJORITY of the gameboard available to the rest of us who have no desire to take knee to the Botlords.

  3. Good points, likely never considered by ccp… I wonder how many solo cap pilots like you are and whether they could gang up, pay a Merc to safely escort you through gates? Payment only on success….

    • Gang up and solo don’t really go together. 🙂

      I expect it would be problematic to use Mercs for this sort of thing anyway. How much would you have to pay them to make it worth their while to protect you instead of gank you? What’s the bet that amount is much more moving your capital via gate is worth.

    • Buying Cap’s tends not to be too difficult – it is moving all the fittings to it which can be a pain. (Hence once I have a Cap, I have tended to keep it even when not specifically using it.)

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