Impractical ornament

As suggested, I did end up buying an unnecessary and expensive hull to note my 8th year in game. I now have a new hanger ornament – a Widow. (The Caldari Black Ops Battleship) ehimg428 It was frankly a complete pain in the backside to fit. I ended up Armour tanking it with an Afterburner, Tackle, 4 Dread Guristas Multispec jammers and Torpedo Launchers. The fitting options with Torps seemed very limited. It is also very impractical. I play solo and only have two accounts. That means while I can have one flying the ship, and another opening up the Covert Cyno, I have no one left to actually bridge via the Covert Jump Portal currently riding in its hold. I also fitted up the Garmur frigate I purchased with vague ideas of trying a burner mission. As an experiment I only checked the forums for suggested fits after I got home with it.  Looks like I over tanked and it won’t do enough DPS. Back to the drawing board before I use that one in anger. ehimg427

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