No consequence

I found this blog post from Gevlon Goblin to be interesting –

If you look past the usual anti CFC / RMT rhetoric, it brings up the point that the entrenched Super Powers and those under their Ship Replacement Programs can play the game without consequence.

There was an article on EN24 about the interesting conflict between Providence and Brave over systems in Northern Catch.

As with previous articles, PL turns up on their whim to dick around with one side or another, have their fun and depart. They do so without consequence, aside seemingly extending the conflict for their own amusement. It tells the other participants that their game is basically meaningless – and they are just play things for someone else’s entertainment.

I view this as one of the issues with Null Sec. Supported by moons and rent and the income streams of years of accumulated wealth, the super powers are not playing the same game we are.

I am never going to be a member of an elite corporation or alliance. I’m a casual and fairly average player of this game. I don’t begrudge people for their success, and I certainly respect the likes of PI for what they have achieved. I accept I and people like me will get curb stomped by them if they paid any attention to doing so.

The Capital Jump Drive Nerf brings consequence to where and how you move your Capitals. That will impact everyone, including the Super Powers. However it only delays the Super Powers, it doesn’t change how they can play the game compared to the rest of us. It will be interesting to see if CCP wants to, or is able to impact this current status quo. Or alternatively are we just meant to accept that we have to join one of these Super Powers if we want to play that sort of game too?

6 thoughts on “No consequence

  1. It is my most fervent hope and dream that at some point the stoopid streams of top down ISK in Null will get the same nerf bat to th head as CCP seems now capable of, and willing to, use to change the Face of EVE… let us pray…

    • Way back when… CCP decided to charge for Sov in an attempt to breakup large alliances. It looked beautiful, but the nullseccers demanded smaller fees and got them reduced to about 10% of the original devblog. Nothing changed.

      Before jump-drive ships there were complaints about choke-points and camps on the entry systems to null that made logistics need multiplayer activity and carry risk. Wormholes bypass a regression back to that, but I’m still expecting cap ships to have a much smaller nerf than the devblog imagines. Fingers crossed for a CCP backbone.

  2. You’re right Hermit. Null needs more of a shake than just the JD nerf.

    A couple of things: stations will need to be destructible and self destructible as well, supers and possibly carriers/dreads need some form of upkeep (there also should be the ability to put them into mothballs and bring them out again – but with some sort of delay), and valuable space should be some distance apart from other valuable space.

    In other words – an industrial base to support the war machine over and above jump drive fuel, pyrrhic victories, make ’em work for it, use it or lose it.

    Funky doesn’t listen to the likes of us, but guessing Greyscale isn’t likely to either. So, all equal and merely imho. Dangerous ideas? Who, me? 😛

  3. I have no words to express how hopeful I am that the changes here will make it too difficult for PL to cause trouble in our little brush war in Catch. NCdot has already mostly undeployed from their forward base in Catch as well; no word on when we might actually get that sov, but it’s going to change the threat model as far as where roaming gangs are going to come from.
    A bigger worry is that winter is coming, and with winter come the Russians from Stain. If they can actually log in, they’ve got the resources to kick our asses. That could easily distract from our shoving match with Providence, and the two of them might even work together, like they have in the past.

  4. I’ve never tried no consequence pvp under an alliance ship replacement program.
    I think that would become dull, however there are many people who would enjoy, particularly new players.

    Imagine a form of faction warfare in ship unable to use gates, but able to use empire jump bridges to systems to be met by an opposing empire.

    Standing gives better access to ships.
    No risk, just straight combat with progression until you feel ready to try other aspects of eve.

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