An adjustment against a transformation

I finished abandoning my Low Sec home, shipped out the last of my assets and clones via wormhole or gate, and closed down the corporate offices.

I had already gone through the same process weeks earlier and abandoned my Hi-Sec Island home.

I am currently collecting ships stored in my carriers that I had forgotten about, and also checking all my Alts for the hulls they have spread about.

Everything is getting piled up high in my home station.

I’m not packing up and leaving the game; I am not changing my plans and heading out on some amazing new adventure – I’ve just been balanced to death.

For a while now I’ve been in the habit of prefixing my ship names with “CHK – “ when they have been impacted by the different ongoing balance, role and module changes. It is a visual reminder for me to revisit their fit before I undock in them again.

I tackle them one at a time when the mood takes me, but it can take up an entire EVE session in EFT to fully review just one hull. Depending on where the ship was located, it could then take weeks for me to manage to move in any updated fittings or a replacement hull so I can use it again.

I have been falling further and further behind in trying to keep up with CCP Fozzie’s work, and I literally have more hulls waiting for review than set up correctly. This situation arises from my preference to have lots of contingencies when I log in.  I like to be able to swap to whatever aspect of the game I feel like playing on a given day – but I don’t have the free time to keep on top of them all. I’ve now realised it is time to consolidate and really restrict the fleet of ships I maintain.

Overall I have felt the balance work has been a real positive for the game, but there are a couple of areas of note.

First is when everything is too balanced and has its defined place, you lose options for the unexpected or creative. It harms the sandpit. This was covered by a blog post from Susan Black:

Second is to keep in mind each balance change tends only to require a relatively limited and focused adjustment. They do not cause the type of brave fundamental transformation of the game which is required to break through any stagnation. They are no Jump Range and Fatigue change.

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