Saved by the bell

I’m running out of time to move my Capitals. I have spent a great deal of time trying to find an optimum place for them – one or two jumps from Hi-Sec, containing a Station with at least a 20km docking range and repair facilities, not overly busy, and allowing me to extract some level of usefulness from the hulls.

By usefulness I mean allowing me to supply a low sec home, or within reach of Syndicate, Great Wildlands or Providence. Locations I might access while still playing my Solo game.

It was a big wish list, maybe even a little cheeky, but there were a handful of systems which fitted the bill and I sent my scouts out to investigate while watching their Dotlan and Killboard statistics.

There was one area however that every one of them failed at. The Carrier and Rorqual maximum jump range of 5LY meant the access to Low Sec or Null was so shallow that it was frankly no use to me. You would need to make at least two jumps and require me to go back to having 3 accounts.

While I have finally decided on a system within reach of the fringes of Providence, the reality of this long process has been an acceptance that – playing solo, I won’t have use for my Capitals. I was placing serious thought towards selling them.

And then the Dev blog summarising the final Phoebe travel changes was released.

It contained this little quote:

“We’d like to allow capitals into highsec without restriction in the future, but it’s a major change that is for a later time. For now, this maintains the status quo in highsec.”

They had mentioned that before, but it seems a more serious thought here.  That would mean the hulls would have a little more flexibility in adapting to different locations and uses.  That makes it worthwhile keeping my Capitals for now.

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