Once the decision had been made on where to store my Capitals, it was time to move Cyno ships into position. I have Cyno Buses set up to make this process easier – a concept I flagged back at the end of 2012 – Basically it is a hauler (in this case a Wreathe) that carries all the parts and fuel required to fit out three adaptable Cyno frigates, ready to be moved any time you needed them.

I like how preparations made almost 2 years ago can reward you today in EVE.

Unless you just want a station ornament, having Capitals while playing a solo game means you must have two accounts. (I suspect after Phoebe is released you might even need three.) I’ve shown how the characters on my two accounts are split before:

Account 1
Main with Capital
Industry / Trade
Scout / Cyno

Account 2
Main Alt with Capital
Industry / Trade
Scout / Cyno

This allows me to dual box with as much flexibility as having two accounts offers.

I logged in my Cyno Alt on Account 2, grabbed a Cyno Bus, and flew it into my new Capital home. I made a few bookmarks around the system, setup and fueled a couple Cyno Frigates, and researched the pilots in local and checked the recent killboard history for the system.

I then logged in my Cyno Alt on Account 1. Because this character had moved into my Corporation they now had access to Jump Clones. I figured I would set one of those up first so when they opened a Cyno it would be in a clone without implants. I flew 25+ jumps to the nearest available station and went to install a Jump Clone – but the Toon did not have the required skill. The skill was on the market, so I purchased it and flew a dozen jumps to collect. I then had to switch to my main, pause their training, switch back and train the skill to Rank I, pause the training, switch back to my main and restart their training, then switch back to the Alt. I then flew the alt 25+ jumps back to the Home system, parked, then jumped back to the fresh clone. I then flew that clone 25+ jumps back to the Home system to pick up a Cyno Bus.

I don’t mind saying that felt like a hassle. Doesn’t matter, the preparations were done. I then tried to board the Cyno Bus but was stopped with a message saying the character did not have the required skill. Double checking, not only could the character not fly a Minmatar Industrial, but it couldn’t use a Cynosural Field either. My Cyno Alt wasn’t a Cyno alt after all; I had somehow forgotten to train it.

Thankfully 5 of my 6 characters are able to use Cyno’s, so I resorted to using my Industry / Trade alt instead.

All that was left was to swap and change between my two accounts and move the Capitals.

I’m not a big fan of the 10 minute Cyno cycle. I can pick out quiet systems to use at quiet times, but I am basically left relying on luck not to lose my Cyno ships. I don’t want a riskless game, but I would prefer being able to mitigate the danger a little better than that.

The new system is not a quiet one, and it is not uncommon to find Cyno ships on the killboards. It was particularly busy when I was there as it was the weekend, and I expect more Capital jumps than usual were going on.


The new home – A Gallente Research Station with an excellent docking range of 40km.


My Main sitting in his Archon waiting to move.


Waiting down the 10 minute timer.


I did not capture images of the jumps – I was focused instead on getting every step of the process right.

Ensure capital and cyno pilots in fleet
Undock Cyno ship
Instawarp to undock bookmark
Check d-scan
Warp back to Cyno bookmark
Check d-scan
Undock Capital
Jump to Cyno
Spam Dock
Watch Cyno ship for 10 minutes, ready to warp off if ship destroyed or dock as soon as the Cyno stops.

The process went smoothly and I now have both Carriers and my Rorqual safely docked together in the same station. In reality the Capitals were undocked for barely 5 seconds, and were pretty much invulnerable the entire time.  All the time spent was in the preparations.  It still doesn’t mean the process doesn’t get your heart going, particularly from that risk the Capital bounces off the station and out  of dock range on jump in.  Even the Cyno ships were unmolested.

I am not really in the range of any place I might use these ships solo after the jump range nerf hits, so they will be mothballed until we see any follow up changes made to jump ranges, or I decide to try and spend some time in Providence again.

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