Phoebe arrived

Having played the game for so long there is a chance I might come across a little nonchalant about EVE at times. That did not stop me however staying up extra late last night to wait for the servers to return after the expansion was deployed and to run through some of the items I had highlighted in the patch notes.

First thing I looked at was the separation of the Directional Scanner and Probe windows. I’m not sure yet where I am going to place these on my overview, but I am delighted by this improvement. A real benefit for maintaining situational awareness and gathering intel.



The updated sensor overlay is also excellent. I was pleased to be able to quickly add or remove the Anomalies, Landmarks and Signatures from my overview. Overall another change which helps with situational awareness and intel.



I ran my first invention jobs for quite some time. The interface works well for this and just by hovering your mouse over the various areas on the screen you get tool tips to highlight all your options and the impact they have. I have been waiting for the invention updates, so plan to spend a bit of time looking at the area again using the related supplies gifted to me 6 months ago.



I also like that you can increase or decrease the Material or Time Efficiency on the Manufacturing tab to see the impact of any research you might attempt. The arrow indicators added to numeric fields in the interface is also very nice.



The “Used With” tab on the Show Info window isn’t a bad addition. It would not be useful adding something like that to Tritanium or Salvage, but I would like to see it added to some of the more obscure industry ingredients you can manufacture from.



I looked at the multi-sell window, but have not started to use it as yet. (I noted a few remarks on possible bugs, so I will wait.) It is however a great quality of life improvement for the game, and looks good.



I was paid out around 230M ISK for the industry ingredients that were removed from the game. I purchased the Small, Medium and Large Higgs Anchor BPO to add to my collection. The industry window compact mode will be useful when I am on my laptop. I didn’t really notice any change to the nebulae lightness in my home region. The new icon for the hull repairers is nice, particularly since I hull tank a number of my ships. I also like the differentiation of the normal and covert Cyno modules.

The list of things I want to look at goes on –the skill queue, the mission objective guidance system, the new overview state of always show and more.

Add the huge impact of the jump range and fatigue nerf, and Phoebe seems to be one of the more memorable updates for quite a while.

One thought on “Phoebe arrived

  1. After 10 minutes of playing with it I was so excited with the new sensor overlay, compass and BOOKMARKS IN SPAAAAACE…
    that I had to get a towel and some hand lotion and go relieve myself. =]

    Being able to rotate and SEE the relationship of your Tac-BMs around the POS and POCOs and holes… OMG what awesumwonderfullness!!!!!!

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