EVE o7 Ep 2

Old news already, but the second episode of EVE o7 has been shown today. I wasn’t able to watch it live as it played in the middle of my kid’s morning routine and school run. You can watch it yourself here:


(It starts 7+ minutes in.)

There were two main bits of new information released. The first is that they are working towards removing the requirement and cost of upgrading your clone as your SP increases. They view this as a disincentive for older players to risk their pods. They are also looking to remove the related risk of losing SP when you get podded.

They gave a rather clear indication that they have further plans to look at how Skill points and Clones work in general. I don’t mind how skill points work at the moment, and I hope they don’t dumb it down too much, but I would love to see some flexibility with Clones. As I have remarked on before, being able to store more than one in a station and being able to move inactive jump clones around in a ship would be excellent.

The second tidbit was that they are releasing a new type of wormhole space. One system in particular will be called Thera – the first named wormhole. It will be the largest system in the game by far, with its own unique nebuela, landmark sites for game lore buffs, static connections to K-Space, random connections to Wormhole space, and multiple NPC stations with all the normal services. (It will be interesting to see if you can Clone jump to it.) They are hoping it turns into the lawless version of Jita. You won’t be able to use Capitals in the system or anchor POS. Certainly interesting.

(I have visions of how I felt visiting Dysa for the first time, when I mistakenly purchased a mining barge there and had to collect and fly it out in an industrial. There were pirates all over the place, a carrier sitting on undock repairing itself, and the whole visit left a lasting impression.)

2 thoughts on “EVE o7 Ep 2

  1. Funny you should mention Dysa. I have very distinct memories of being chased around the moons and through systems getting back to high sec. There was a very active group that were trying to outflank me with tacklers, HACs and a maelstrom. The one particular chasing pilot was landing just late enough for me to align and bug out before he managed to warp scram. Happened three or four times in a row before I was able to get out of system and (relatively) safe.

    Some serious shakes after that particular episode… 🙂

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