Day to Day

It is 4 months since my wife changed jobs. We used to both work four days a week and share all the running around required for the kid’s activities, Kinder, school and what not. Her new job is full time and requires long commutes, so it has been up to me to juggle my work with being a full time Dad Monday to Friday. Things are going ok, but life now runs at a whole new level of hectic.

Arguably I don’t have time to be playing EVE, but I still log in. However in game I have had to simplify and condense what I do, and out of game I have not been able to do as much of the peripheral stuff such as keeping up with blogs, new sites and forums.

This isn’t a “woe is me” rant. It is an acknowledgement of how EVE currently has to sit within my life.

It has been easy to leave time in my schedule for EVE. Obviously I appreciate the distraction and proper downtime it provides, but there is more to it than that. While I have long since lost that real childlike excitement and enthusiasm over EVE, I am feeling rather comfortable about where it seems to be heading. I really have to dip my hat to CCP Seagull. Under her guidance as Senior Producer and now Executive Producer for EVE Online, she seems to have pointed the game in a better direction. Changes seem more responsive with a good balance of fixes, improvements, shakeups and brand new items. I want to be around to enjoy the ride, even if for the meantime it will be from my quiet little Hi-Sec system.

I think I am about half way through this level of busyness. When my daughter starts school next year it will remove 6 Kinder pickup and drop offs from my schedule, and further leave the house kid free for around 6 hours each day. That will make it easier for me to keep on top of my work, which should mean less late nights catching up, which should mean a bit more time again for EVE.