Venn Diagrams

I love the new EVE Online trailer. It is the best one CCP has done since I started playing 8 years ago. There is (justifiably) a lot of hype about it.

There were solo aspects in the video, but most of it was about group play. I could still relate to those because I have played the game like that in the past. It struck a strong chord with many EVE players, and encapsulated some of those awe-inspiring moments you can get from this game but can never fittingly explain to others.

I know I have said I don’t like PVP, and I don’t. But a well-run Fleet on or defending your own turf is an exception. Many of my most memorable moments of EVE ecstasy have come from battles like those shown in the trailer. I felt a pang of regret that it is not the sort of EVE I can achieve at the moment.

Susan Black wrote an interesting post a week or two ago about the idea of separate functional and social corporations.

It is something I recall seeing before, but I have never been particularly enamored by the mechanics suggested for it.

Sugar Kyle followed it up a couple days later.

I’ve been thinking about it, and the concept has some appeal.

I currently play a solo game. I have my own Alliance with my own Corporations within it. This allows me to make use of shared assets such as a POS and BPO library, and play around with the related game mechanics. As I remarked, I don’t feel I can join a typical player corporation because I can’t undock enough.

What happens however if there were different types of corporations, and that I could join more than one? Could it increase the amount of social interaction between players? Might I find a more casual away to get back into some EVE fleet battles? How might it work?

For simplicity, let’s leave the current corporations as they are and add new entities called associations.

They can’t be declared war on. They have no Corporate Hangers or in space assets associated with them. They can’t own systems or stations. Players can’t attack other members. They can’t set tax rates. Members can join or be kicked in short time frames. People can set standings against them and they can have standings of their own. The base entity is a glorified chat channel and maybe mailing list.

Now how to make them useful? The two most obvious examples that come to mind…

Have a rental association that charges a member fee at the start of each month. If the bill is not paid you are automatically kicked out. The Code could use it for miners who want to pay protection money; Low Sec Pirates might use it to allow people safe passage in their home areas for a price, and Null Sec landlords might use it for a simple way to rent to large groups of individuals. They just set suitable standings against the rental association.

Have a “friends of” association that provides a standings list and the ability to have fleet invites sent to it. A Providence Standings / Kitchen Sink Defence association comes to mind initially, where you get the complex Providence NRDS standings list, maybe an Intel channel, and the ability to join the kitchen sink fleets (which are assumed to be spy infested and so out of the Holders fleets). Replace Providence with any other region or area or group where mutual support might be helpful.

I could also see offshoot Null Sec or Wormhole Associations for Part Timers, the ability to join EVE University Classes, Empire mining groups, trading groups and so on. Basically a less formal corporation with less requirements for members, but with key services or attributes that encourage people to join.

As you can see, it isn’t an in-depth and fully analysed post, just a light weight thought about how you might be able to make more social connections in the game. I can see various benefits and negatives looking at these quick suggestions. For starters standings could get rather complex across alliance, corporation, personal and multiple associations.

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