I had a good session in EVE yesterday. It was the first day I had some reasonable downtime in a month.

It is not ideal only playing EVE infrequently, but I had already battened down the hatches so to speak and my activities are fairly well contained. I am still following various blogs and social media to try and keep up to date.

As I have remarked a few times over the second half of this year, Real Life has been extremely busy for me. It has been the sort of busy where you surprise yourself with just how much you can juggle and cope with.

A few weeks ago life got even busier. I was dumped in an impossible situation at work, and have been forced to find an extra 10 to 15 hours a week to keep a client and colleagues from drowning. On the plus side I’ve lost some weight, on the down side it has been from the frenetic pace and stress!

Now back to real life – time to wrap a present and take my son off to a birthday party.

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