EVE-O Preview

Nosy Gamer posted about the EVE-O Preview software earlier today:


I hadn’t heard of the tool before. Its main function is to provide you resizable preview windows of your EVE clients. This can be useful if you log in more EVE Accounts at the same time than you have screens. With careful positioning and sizing of the preview windows, it can allow you to maintain situational awareness across all of your logged in characters. It could also work very well for static scouts, keeping half an eye on autopilot trips, mining on secondary characters and so on.

A secondary function is that it can reposition your EVE client on the screen based on who you log in with. It took a little effort to log in every character and position their screens just right, but I set mine up so that my Secondary Alts are automatically moved to the secondary monitor.

It works surprisingly well, and I have the sudden urge to reactivate a third account just to give me the excuse to use it. I will certainly use it on my laptop. There are a few niggles, such as it would be nice if the preview could be used to both return and minimise client windows, and the system tray icon places an icon on the task bar for the properties window, but doesn’t open it.


Impressively the application is a tiny standalone executable of only 208 KB (as at version It doesn’t seem to use much in the name of system resources, and hovers at around 12-13MB of memory use.

The EVE Forum thread for the application is here:


The download page is here:



Thanks for the tip Nosy Gamer.

(This is not the sort of tool CCP is looking to ban in the new year.)

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