Traffic and Beetles

Clearing a few short notes from my blog folder.

While this is a niche site with corresponding traffic volumes, I thought other bloggers might find the following half interesting.

I’ve been writing this blog for just shy of 4 years, and have made 620 posts. I don’t go out of my way to chase traffic for this site, but I have noticed some repeated patterns.

Averaged out I make 3 posts a week. I’d say the ideal number of posts a week for this site to maximise consistent traffic is 4, maybe 5.

I see a spike of around 50-100% in traffic for a day or so from:

. References to a post from another niche EVE blog
. Linking a new post on Twitter

I see a spike of around 100-200% in traffic for a day or so from:

. References to a post from a mainstream EVE blog
. References to a post on EN24
. Linking a new post on Twitter which someone of note favourites or retweets
. Posting a Blog Banter

I have seen a spike of around 1000% in traffic for a day or so from when someone linked to a post on reddit.

I see almost no increase in followers or average daily traffic after any spike. That has just happened over time.



The new blackbird model reminds me a lot of a flying Australian Christmas Beetle.

We used to have thousands of them arrive each year around Christmas and decimate a number of Gum trees in our front yard. You could actually hear a humming munching sound if you stood quietly under one of the trees. I would spend hours in a deck chair shooting them out of the trees with an air rifle, or out of the air with water pistols, or one of us would climb a tree and shake a limb while the rest of the kids ran around belting the beetles out of the air with tennis rackets when they became dislodged. Between the kids and the effort of our dogs, our lawns would end up covered in half consumed leaves and dismembered beetle bodies. In hindsight it was rather macabre, but I guess my parents were just glad to have their 4 kids kept amused for so long during the school holidays.

Speaking of Recons, the initial suggestion of the Recon rebalancing is now available:

I love Recons, but I am not quite sure those changes make them interesting enough.

11 thoughts on “Traffic and Beetles

  1. I see similar traffic patterns and spikes too. A Reddit link certainly can do amazing things for traffic for a day or even several days. I don’t chase traffic either though I do check blogger traffic stats often.

    Out of curiosity what is your average daily traffic like?

    Me, I see 400-500 page views a day even when I haven’t posted anything recently, google is usually my top referrer then.

    When I have posted something recently (within few days) most of my hits come from other blogs though google is still usually number 3. After making a new post I’ll get 600+ hits per day for a few days. On the day I make a new post it’ll go 700-800 or more and slowly peter off over 2-3 days until it’s back down in the 400-500 range.

    My best most consistent source of referrals is Lowsec Lifestyle, after that it’s Google (usually #1 when I don’t have a recent post) and Greedy Goblin (passes google when I do have a recent post). Far behind those are evebloggers and highsecmilitia and then a ways behind them a number of smaller blogs.

    There’s one particular link in an old reddit thread that still gets necroed every now and then and always produces at least a few hundred hits whenever that happens. When it was fist posted that link something like doubled my at the time still very new blog’s total lifetime traffic in a day or two.

    • Interesting MoxNix. With my lower posting over the last six months my daily traffic is probably around 60% of yours at the moment. Search engines are my biggest referrals, followed by Lowsec Lifestyle. I’ve had two referrals from Greedy Goblin in the life of the blog! (I must have posted a comment there once.)

      I find it interesting to look at what I can do to increase traffic – but then I don’t, I still write this primarily for my own amusement, and it has helped keep me in the game longer term. I’m not sure it would have if it became a source of drama. I know from the comments that a lot of older more casual players read it, and “get” the impact a busy real life has on playing EVE.

      Of course if you want to feel insignificant, chase down one of the occasional posts from Jester or Gevlon about their traffic stats! Still – that is not a level of in game immersion or drama I would like.

      • Sounds like you approach it the same way I do with a similar average post count. When I’m really into it and having a lot of inspired ideas for posts I’ll do 20 posts or close to that in one month. But most of the time I only manage 8-12 posts and sometimes only 4 or 5.

        Definitely agree on not wanting the drama that comes with chasing traffic. For example I might post the occasional anti-goon article but I don’t do it repeatedly like you know who just because it draws more traffic and comments.

        Either of us could probably double or even triple our traffic just by making 1 controversial post every weeks especially if they’re abusive or contain inflammatory language and/or are targeted at specific groups (like the aforementioned goons).

        Oh and I get more referrals from Gevlon because I’m on his bloglist. I’m probably there because I’m primarily a market blog and I don’t care for goons which are 2 of his primary focuses.

      • One more question…


        That might seem rather cryptic to many but unless hermit’s traffic is very different from mine he should get it immediately.

      • I presume you are referring to browsers, which I couldn’t find statistics for. (While looking I did notice there was an option for premium statistics, which I don’t recall being there before.)

      • Yes I was referring to browsers. In blogger there’s an “audience” statistics page which includes stats on what browsers readers use to read your blog. In my blog’s stats Chrome is always number 1 with around 50%, Firefox is number 2 with about half that (24-25%) and IE number 3 with 12-13%. Safari at 10% is the only other browser with more than 1%.

        I use Chrome myself and sometimes I wonder if blogger counts my own pageviews in that statistic. That would pad the stats in Chrome’s favor a fair bit since I check my own blog often, must be averaging at least 10, maybe 20 times a day.

      • Unless I am missing something obvious, WordPress doesn’t seem to offer that information. (Or it is shown in the premium statistic section which I don’t pay for.) Seems odd to have such a high percentage of readers using Chrome. More technically inclined users would use chrome, and it might also represent those reading via android tablets / chromebooks etc. I find all this stuff interesting.

  2. Regarding the recons – the invisible to D scan element could have some really interesting tactical uses, more particularly in WH space with no local. Miners are going to learn to hate them as an example…

    • I can see a very big uptick in the use of combat recons in wormholes and low sec / NPC null (where you either can’t see people in local, or you expect to see non-blues in local). In that regard the changes will be successful. I was also pleased to see the Pilgrim get a range bonus on its capacitor warfare. I was thinking more that the changes to the covert ops versions of the ships were not interesting enough.

      • Yeah, I thought that way too for a bit and then popped myself into CCPs shoes for a moment. The question really is are they fit for purpose?

        If yes, then it would really just result in minor tweaks. All imho as per.

      • You are of course right. They are force multipliers and useful in such a situation. Of course when I fly them solo there isn’t a force to multiply, so I look for other ways in which they might be interesting. 🙂

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