Xmas Gifts

CCP has released this year’s Xmas Gifts.


Mostly just fluff, with nice recognition given to some players and events. I hope they will be added to the market shortly. It can be interesting to see the value players put on the various bits and bobs.

The most useful gift is 20 days of free multiple character training, which you need to activate separately from the redeeming system. (It also looks like it might be possible to use this to extend your subscription by 20 days, but I did not test it.)

I spent 15 minutes this morning creating and activating a training plan for that Cyno Alt / Scout I recently found couldn’t actually use the Cyno module. That small issue should be solved in about 5 days.  Now to work out how to use those 20 days on the other account.


* EDIT – MoxNix confirmed you can not add time.

3 thoughts on “Xmas Gifts

      • Heheh, already done. The expiry date is Jan 11

        And no you can’t use it to add time. I tried clicking that button, it just sends you to the usual page asking for a credit card.

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