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There was a security blog released a few days ago.

Reading through it I had a double take at this:

“You may not use your own or any third-party software, macros or other stored rapid keystrokes or other patterns of play that facilitate acquisition of items, currency, objects, character attributes, rank or status at an accelerated rate when compared with ordinary Game play”

I have used Gaming Keyboards with special programmable keys for many years, and am currently using a Logitech G710. I have used them in the past to active a rack of weapons (before you could group them) and turn on active tank modules. CCP had in effect said this was ok in various places, but from January 1st that changes.

I checked and there are (only) two keyboard macros I use all the time in EVE. One for [CNTL][A] (select all), and one for [CNTL][W] (close). These are functions I use for my day to day computing, and were not set up for EVE. They are so entrenched in my mind that I touch type the G5 and G6 function keys on my keyboard to enact them. From the 1st, when I tap G5 to select all the objects in a container, technically I can be banned.

NoizyGamer did his usual more in depth look at the Security Blog here, which is worth a read. It seems I am right in my thinking:

I am not going to remove those macros, and I am not going to try and remember to turn my function keys off and on every time I play EVE. I seriously doubt it would ever be an issue – so why am I mentioning it? I can understand why CCP has taken this approach – it is easier and provides less of an opening for those who try to flex, bend and twist the rules. That approach however comes at a cost – it burns away a little bit of the good will in their customer base, and I never like seeing CCP do that.

6 thoughts on “Select All

    • I have no expectation that I will run into issues. I am more concerned that CCP has been so broad with its definition that it can aggravating non-cheating players unnecessarily.

      • I don’t have any problem with your 2 macros and doubt CCP will either.

        The new policy may very well have burned a little goodwill with certain players (mainly cheaters) but I bet it’s created even more goodwill with other players. IOW, a net gain in goodwill.

  1. I disagree… I believe this is a catch all and not ‘intended’ to piss anyone off, but intended to give CCP very wide room for dealing with EULA Lawyers… Those aholes in our playerbase who try and use the forums and convoluted arguments to twist and bend things to their viewpoint and to their advantage. Those who argue with CCP about the game. It’s CCPs game, they created it, they run it and they own it. I cannot believe them…

    I personally think this is a response to CCP finally getting pissed off at those in the playerbase who make things more difficult for all of is by not having any gaming morals. They have had to throw a wide net to give them the ability to respond to those, unlike you, who intentionally use more complex macros to give them undue advantage in game.”Everyone uses Ctr-X and Ctrl-A… have sine Windows first hit the shelves… You know as well as I you are not who they are after man… they are after the ShadowandLight’s of EVE… and rightly so IMHO.

    If saying that ALL macros are bannable so they have the freedom to do something about those who would cheat and negatively impact our game upsets some… then that’s the price we all pay because of those few rotten apples…

    • You are entirely correct. It still doesn’t change my view that being so broad can unnecessarily aggravate non-cheating players. I also don’t think CCP has an accurate enough track-record in correctly identifying and appropriately dealing with bad player behaviour. These changes certainly should make it easier for CCP to remove the rotten apples, but it also allows them to be more lax and so I can see more innocent people being caught up in CCP’s mistakes. Frankly CCP already has the power to remove players without really having to explain themselves, so why did they need to go this far?

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