Get out the vacuum cleaner

I am not entirely convinced about the new Asteroid belt effects (which you have to turn on via the ESC menu and then only see the next time you warp into a belt).


The local belts were very, very messy looking.

I found they looked better in pictures (even the ones I took myself) than flying around them in game.

It seems to make it more difficult to click on asteroids in space – although that might have just been me miss-clicking more than usual due to the speed of the ship I was flying.

On the plus side, with admittedly just the one client running, my frame rate only dropped from a constant 60 fps to 59 fps, which was good to see.

Also a positive, flying through the debris field works well.  You don’t physically see them passing through you ship, which was one of my initial concerns.  Instead they seem to slide / slip nicely by.

I am going to have to read the Patch notes the first opportunity I get.


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