Changing Skins

The latest o7 episode is now available.

The production quality was down a little – whispers and quiet voices in the background, and it had a more stressed / breathless / rushed feel at times.  I did like the quality of some of the new player made Ad’s however, and there were titbits of interesting information.

We should see some changes to ship skins in the future.  Instead of being attached to a hull (an awkward approach that over complicated the market), they will instead be attached to a character.  They showed a somewhat clumsy looking mock up, but I think the approach is better.

We can expect some “little things” improvements to the Corporation UI – custom messages on an application rejection, mail list limit increased from 3,000 to 5,000, extra ways to un-rent Offices, and something about more options when writing a Corp description.

They are looking at improving the Corp Role UI – which we may see in two releases.  The view was that it could be made much more logical and simpler.

A big item – maybe coming in February, is a way to turn off friendly fire in your Corporation.  Glad that will be something you can turn on or off.  A nice to have item is they are looking at allowing people to scale the number of divisions they have in their Corporations.

So nothing too major, but a few things to look forward too.


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