That’ll do pig, that’ll do

So the CSM Winter summit is on, and CCP has quickly released the meeting notes for Day 1.

No, I’m not joking, you can read them for yourself here:

Being so timely, they are suddenly a whole new level of interesting and useful.

Bits and bobs I found interesting on first glance (note these are usually wishes and ideas, not always concrete plans):

. In a response to questions about player manipulation of the PLEX market, CCP confirmed it happens like just about any other item in game.  (There’s a challenge for us, there are items to find which are not being manipulated on the markets!)

. CCP wanted to move away from people directly buying PLEX and instead buy AUR.  AUR could then be used to buy PLEX from the NES store along with everything that currently uses PLEX, moving away from a three currency system to a two currency system.

. CCP Seagull indicated it was more probable that there would be some kind of in game tool to create logos or skin designs

. Redeeming store purchases in space should be coming (so that wormhole residents can get their stuff without returning to known space)

. Removal of attributes was mentioned, but the idea is still in quite an early stage. It’s something CCP want to do – both so people don’t get locked into training skills in a non-optimal order to maintain optimal speed, and as learning implants disincentive PVP

. CCP Fozzie went over a social groups feature that they still have on the table, though not in active development at this time. This would allow people to do things like a have chat room, mailing list, personal standings, allow things such as fleet finder adverts to clubs and so on. It would also allow you to belong to multiple clubs, and would have no impact on your corporation membership.  I agreed with Sugar Kyle’s suggestion on that a little while ago.

Anyway – that was what stood out for me.  Very impressed with the meeting notes being available so quickly.

Edit.. just in case the title doesn’t make sense, it relates to the end of the movie Babe, and in effect indicates a job done well.

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