And again

Day 2 of the CSM meetings are out.  Once again it is so timely it is worth reading.  I am not sure how much work is going on in the background – but well done to those making the effort.

Here’s the announcement:

And here’s the link to the pdf file:


Aside the game related information, it is interesting to note the more active on location CSM members, and also to get a sense of tension between some CSM members and CCP staff.

The bits that stood out to me and my game focus:

. CCP are happy enough with Wormhole space statistics now when compared to a year ago.  The changes they have made haven’t killed wormhole space as some prophesized.

. CCP might look at stopping Wormholes from spawning in Tutorial systems.  I actually think they should remain – as a source of wonder and a lesson to new players that they shouldn’t just assume everything they can access is safe.

. Apparently the number of wormholes being collapsed due to exceeding maximum mass has decreased – as you would expect

. CCP Affinity indicated they would likely introduce NPC Pod killing, but with a twist.  They won’t warn you when the change has been made.

. There were interesting bits of information on the Circadian Seekers and how they can all warp to the one location and act like an organised fleet.  They are slowly turning on some of these functions to allow players to get used to them.  There is no immediate plan to move some of these new features into standard NPC/Incursions.

. Suger Kyle suggested new small random events with these new NPC’s, such as them fighting Faction Police on gates.  I like the concept.

. CCP definitely want to move away from static belts

. They discussed the concept of achievements – as a way of helping players set goals.  A tracking system for Corporations was raised – like a task list with rewards that members could work on.  This was considered a good idea but the focus now is on the new player experience.

. There was a discussion around the Co-Pilot project – basically a video series showing players how to do the most basic things in game.  The first should cover corporations and missions.  It is a good idea although frankly – call me a sceptic, I can’t see it being completed or kept up to date.

. The entire “UI Modernization Project” session is worth a read to check out some of the vague ideas CCP is following up on regards their UI.

There would be more interesting parts in there, depending on how you play the game.  Still impressed with this approach and effort.



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