I could get used to this

Day three of the CSM Winter summit minutes are out.



I think if this sort of turnaround continues in future summits it may help give the CSM a little more legitimacy and value in the eyes of some players.

On a more negative personal note, I didn’t like the “nerf” vibe I got from the CSM in these minutes. They don’t like Fighter assignment, strength of Sentry Drones, Stealth Bombers, Tengus and so on. While individually these might have complete merit, I’m not a fan of falling straight into the nerf / ban / restrict approach. That is what society in general seems to do now. I know it is simplistic, but to my mind that means you are looking to subtract or remove something – to make it less than what it was before. I think that should be the last resort, not the first.

The two most interesting sessions for me were “Sovereignty & Nullsec” and Structures. Both fell heavily under the NDA hammer, and we will have to wait for the Dev Blogs and (probably) Fanfest to get a gist of what was covered. We were given this quote:

“CCP Ytterbium .. covered the overall goals of the changes: it should support and enhance existing gameplay, should be accessible, feel like a home, make combat more exciting, be visually aspirational, be extensible and future proof, create more interesting locations in systems, be as simple as possible, and create relationships between all space structures.”

The other bits and bobs:

. CCP seems to have more flexible statistics and reports now on player PVP, ship and module use.

. CCP Fozzie agreed that Tengus are too strong at the moment. He elaborated that they’re penciled in for a rebalance in the next few months

. CCP Fozzie wants to change how rigs work on T3 hulls, either by allowing them to be swapped, or by removing rig slots and balancing the ship accordingly

. CCP Fozzie indicated that the Effective Hit Point (EHP) affecting sub-systems will be toned down.

. CCP Fozzie added that medium rails are a bit too strong at the moment as well

. CCP Fozzie indicated Cyno’s have not been discussed

. CCP acknowledges there are a few battlecruisers that need some love

. CCP Rise indicated Sentry Drones were being looked at, but rather than just straight nerfing them or Ishtars that he would prefer to try and expose the weaknesses of drones. They were thinking about Drone bay size or a highly delayed drone reloading system. The CSM talked about AOE weapons to attack drones (errr smartbombs?) or drone specific EWAR (interesting). CCP hasn’t settled on an approach yet.

. CCP Fozzie confirmed they had no concrete plans at the moment regards Supers, but that would like to avoid removing them and refunding related SP

. CCP has been considering removing fleet warp, but nothing has been decided.

. CCP Spitfire and CCP Falcon indicated the CCP Mystery Code was being handed over to community and how they are going to be putting out more items over time.

2 thoughts on “I could get used to this

  1. CCP has been considering removing fleet warp, but nothing has been decided.

    FFS seriously???? I mean, that’s almost as bad the wasting dev time adding effing HATS FFS… =\

    Fleet is a SOCIAL mechanic… EVE is a SOCIAL game… oh dear gods please don’t force us all to play solo even when in a group… Fleet warps are an immensely immersive activity and one of the few that make you feel, on a very visceral level, that you are part of a group acting together… removing that would be like removing chat (not just local, ALL chat)…

    Seriously bad idea that…

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