Clan Bashing

Non-EVE Post…

So I’ve been playing Clash of Clans on the new iPad.  I am not really making much of an effort and don’t plan on joining Clans – the goal is to understand the game so that I can converse about it with my son.

For the first fortnight I was only attacked once – but that changed drastically once I upgraded to a level 5 Town hall (or maybe when I hit a rank of around 23).  From that point I’ve been attacked repeatedly, every couple of minutes, until my base is destroyed.  I am then left alone under the shield.  Within moments of that dropping however I am again repeatedly attacked every couple of minutes.  Some times it takes a few attacks, once I had 24 unsuccessful attacks before being defeated.

Is that normal?  My son has never experienced that, but he has almost always been in a clan with school friends.  Is the game trying to force me into a Clan?

Last time I made a point of ensuring my resources were at a minimum level when the shield dropped so attackers did not have much to gain, but that made no difference.

(*Edit* – I didn’t get a response to this – but I found after I attacked another player I was put in a league, and now I am attacked far less often.)

2 thoughts on “Clan Bashing

  1. If you don’t care about your ranking, leave your town hall outside the defenses. The first attack will (usually) destroy it and instantly give you a 12hr shield. -> Clash of Clans farming… I usually switch back and forth between farming and attacking/holding points depending on how I want to use the limited play time I have.

    • Ahh – so that is what farming is about. I noticed people do at times just attack you with 1 or 2 units and deliberately lose. I figured they were gaming the system and lowing their ranking.

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