Hooray the Holidays are over

My youngest has started school, and we finally have both kids on the same routine and times for drop off and pickups.

It moves the schedule I’ve been juggling for the last 7 months from unsustainable to damn busy. It probably won’t mean any immediate difference to my EVE playing or blogging, but they might get more of a look in.

I had the opportunity to play EVE on the weekend – but I didn’t much feel like it. I rotated my BPO research and updated some trade orders, but I didn’t spend much time logged in. I’ve been so busy that I have gotten out of the habit of playing. I am going to have to think about how I can refocus.

Anyway, this was only meant to be a quick post about an idle thought.

Like many, I follow Gevlon’s blog at


He has a goal of trying to destroy the Goons with his GRR project.


To that end he has been donating large sums of ISK to various entities who go out of their way to kill Goons.

I have the utmost respect for Gevlon’s drive, and he has single handedly created a great deal of in game content for a lot of players. I am sure he has frustrated and put pressure on plenty of Goon line members for more than a year now. That might indeed help someone or something else bring down the Goons – but I don’t see it as being able to achieve that end by itself.

My idle thought – and the reason for this now far too long post, is that I think he is paying for pirates to prioritise their targets towards individual Goons of opportunity, but not specifically for the destruction of the Goons. The distinction is important.

Lesser entities could have been killed off by this attention – but the Goons are not a lesser entity, and if they have not folded under this pressure by now, they won’t moving forward. I think Gevlon needs to do more to achieve his aims, or work with people who really have the same goal as he does.

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