We don’t want no stinking gifts

CCP have thrown a bone towards Mystery Code holders.


Initial reaction appears to be a flood of Adult tears about how useless the free stuff is.

I cringe at the lack of basic manners and embarrassing level of ingratitude. No class at all. I can imagine the petulance in their households on Christmas mornings.

7 thoughts on “We don’t want no stinking gifts

  1. Normally I’d agree with the sentiment, the way people react to stuff like the Christmas Gifts is embarrassing.

    But this thing was $150 (ish?) and in the tradition of official Eve merch vastly overpriced for what you received. A fair chunk of the perceived value was clearly the Mystery Code freebies because the rest of the stuff added upto nowhere near. Chuck in the fact these are likely to be committed players potentially subbing quite a few accounts and the amount of cash they’re throwing at CCP stacks up sharply.

    CCPs much trumpeted, super-special effort to reward this loyalty? Stuff that varies wildly between decent enough curios and rushed looking shite. Its hard not to feel for them a little.

    • I wasn’t judging the value of the items – just the unnecessarily rude response. When CCP see the feedback are they more likely to – a) think lets give them even more stuff to try and keep them happy, or b) think there is no pleasing that pack of whingers so lets not waste any further time and effort on it? A simple “Thanks CCP, although I don’t find any value in such items” would have sufficed.

      • +1.

        When I was working in tech support, the angry customer who shouted at me succeeded in persuading me to do the absolute minimum required. For ones who were civil – but still angry – I often went beyond my job requirements.

      • I’ve worked some 18 years now for Consulting Companies doing mostly remote IT systems admin. The obnoxious customers get a 100% professional job done by the book. For the civil customers I do the same, but I ignore the more inflexible aspects of the book. Grumpy customer wants their system restarted at 6am? No problem at all – log a ticket with 3 days notice, and there is a minimum 2 hour charge at time and a half. Cheerful customer wants their system restarted at 6am? No problem at all, its scheduled for tomorrow and I’ll put 15 minutes down in the time sheet for it… Good karma to those who deserve it.

  2. Add my tears at the thought of clothes we can still only show off in our Captain’s Quarters. Oh, well, I guess it’s nice to see that CCP hasn’t completely forgotten us Mystery Card holders, as it had appeared for the past year.

    • I’m not really a fan of the clothing giveaways either. I didn’t need anything game changing from my mystery code – but it would have been nice for it to have elicited an “ok, that’s cool” response.

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