Clash and Boom – not about the ISK

Since getting my iPad I have been playing Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. I tend to like games that involve building defensive home bases and managing limited resources, so I am finding them enjoyable enough. My 9 year old son is particularly pleased and has been discussing the games ad nauseam.

In both games other players have the opportunity to attack your base, and you have the opportunity to attack other players.

I don’t particularly mind when I am attacked – I use the replays to learn what tactics they use and experiment with improving the positioning of my defenses. Funny enough that seems to have resulted in me getting attacked a lot less.

The cost to initiate attacks and replace troops is relatively minor – so it is PVP without the real cost of ISK you have in EVE. In Boom Beach in particular you can’t even do a revenge attack. The first person to defeat my base attacked me a dozen times over a few days until they managed to find a strategy which succeeded – and all I could do was adjust the base and wait for the next attack. In Clash of Clans you generally easily cover your costs in loot, even when you lose.

So, this sort of combat is expected, there is no real cost, no real risk, and no real communication with the other players. I shouldn’t have a problem with this sort of PVP as I do in EVE, but the uncomfortable truth is I still do.

I’m not entirely sure why. I do get a little nervous in attack, but nothing like in EVE. (A number of times now I have dropped bombs on the beach instead of unloading the landing craft in Boom Beach.) The other players don’t really lose much, so it isn’t because of any empathy for them. I am certainly not a pacifist!

I suspect a part of my own issue is with wanting to avoid being embarrassed by failing in an attack. I was also reminded after a recent incident at work that while I am more than willing to stand up for myself, I am not always comfortable with being in conflict. I know both those come out of my social anxieties, so I don’t know how common it is in others.

My iPad is teaching me about my EVE experience.

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Edit – interesting and painful..


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