Pacifist be damned

Now that they have de-cloaked, I went looking for one of those unidentified structures to grab a screen capture or two. There were four of those Circadian Seekers milling about, so I watched those for a couple of minutes before approaching the structure.

Now I must admit I am rather busy at the moment and have not been fully paying attention to all things EVE, but I thought those Circadian things were only hostile if you attacked them?


Just as I reached the tower one of them locked and fired on me.

I was in an unarmed interceptor configured to be a very quick shuttle, so had to warp away.

This game is turning a little strange… which is frankly a good thing.

(Oh – I noticed I was sitting in a +3 clone for the last few months. I must have been moving clones around and forgotten to get back into my +5 Hi-Sec training clone. Annoying.)

One thought on “Pacifist be damned

  1. The Seekers ‘were’ pacifists… but we attacked them and they finally had enough… plus, Sleepers/Drifters et al have always ‘defended’ their stuff… not surprised at all TBH… and I too LOVE that we are no longer spoon fed every detail of the goings on in this crazy verse we share!! Kudos CCP!!

    I flew out to one of the decloaked Jove Listening Posts… I dropped a can in line with the topmost antenna and flew down the length of the structure… when level with the bottom I was 194km from the can… my my my, the Jove don’t think small do they? LOL

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